Best USA Flash Casinos

You want to play in an online casino that allows U.S. players, but you don’t want to wait for a time-consuming download. Maybe you simply do not want to take up your hard drive’s space with the necessary software. No fears. We have a list of the best casinos with flash casinos. Use this list to find U.S.-friendly flash casinos and you’ll be playing your favorite games in no time.

Before the best slots came to online casinos, players had to download the casino software. Well, things have certainly changed over the course of several years. Today we have Flash casinos which also mimic Instant Play casinos as well.

Best Slots

Playing the best slots is defined by the type of platform used by an online casino. As I mentioned in the opening, Flash casinos are becoming more prevalent today than ever before. What this means is that no download is required by players for two reasons: (1) a players don’t have to use up memory on their desktop or mobile devices, and (2) all slots can be played directly on one’s browser with just one click. Now you may see online casinos showing both Flash and Instant Play games. There really is no difference between the two other than no download is required. We have noted the best flash casinos for online players from the US.

Best Online Casinos

What makes a great online casino? Simple! Go to any Flash/Instant Play casino; click on your game of choice; and it will load immediately on your browser. This is the essence of Flash Play. We have a list of the best online casinos that offer Flash and/or Instant Play.

Free Slot Machines

You can play virtually all slot machines for free at a Flash casino. This is because the download factor is no longer in play. It’s a simple case of click and play. We have the entire list of free slot machines play at online casinos for US players.

New Slots

Every online slot players looks forward to the launch of new slots. If you need to find out which slot games are being launched, all you have to do is to go to Sunshine-Slots where we have the newest and latest new slot games available with their own reviews.

Slots for USA players

In my ten years of reviewing online casinos and slot games, this is the first time I am reveling in the fact that we have so many wonderful slots for USA players. This is because we have seen an explosion of new online casinos for players from the US. If you think back to when several US casinos had to pull out due to the ambiguous UIGEA Law, it’s a big win for US players when the law was repealed and just about every online casino returned. We have more US casinos now that we have ever had and that means we have even more slot games for US players.

Slots for UK players

The UK plays a huge role in accommodating their players as well. Many of the online casinos we review are UK based, and offer just as many slots for UK players. Moreover, many of our online casinos and UK casinos can be accessed by both US and UK players.

Pokies Australia

So too, we are seeing an emergence of Pokies in Australia as well. Many new and exciting online casinos have launched over the last several years giving Australians the joy of engaging in slot play and participating as a member of these online casinos.

Games Demo

First came the download of the case; then came the Instant Play mode; then the Flash mode – all giving players a way to play games for free. Today, we see the words “Demo Play” and Try It” as an option for players who merely want to test out the games at different casinos, albeit with a no deposit bonus, or simply to see if this is the casino they wish to join. Online players have more choices today than they ever had.

Games RTP

Another step in the right direction is Games RTP. Here I am seeing the beginning of a new era for online casinos in that they are offering players the “return to player” percentage. While the RTP for casino games was difficult to determine, today we can feel confident that the games played have their own RTP. In fact, I came across a casino in which you could print out several spread sheets showing the RTP for every game in their portfolio.

Slot Bonuses

What online player from the US doesn’t love a bonus – let alone a slot bonus? We are seeing more and more online casinos offering these slot bonuses. In my opinion, due to the competitiveness of online casinos today it makes sense that each and every online casino is vying for your attention and eventual membership. We have the information about slot bonuses so that you can determine what casino is best for you.

Mobile Slots, Slots App, Slots for iPad, Android, and iPhones

There’s no need at this point in time to tell you that Mobile devices are becoming the gambling wave of the future. A majority of online casinos for US players realize the future of mobile devices and have added mobile casinos to their regular online casinos. Pretty much all mobile devices now have the compatibility and ability for players to gamble any time and anywhere. If they are members of the regular casino, all they have to do is log in. Moreover, the best mobile casinos are also using flash games and some do not require Apps to download either. The slots for iPads, Android, and iPhones are here to stay and growing in leaps and bounds. This is the future - instant communication and application to enjoy online casino games on mobile devices.

Slots for PC

While the Mobile community is enjoying the ever increasing portfolio of mobile games by a myriad of software providers, let us not forget about the players who still enjoy playing casino games on their PCs. In fact, I would dare say that if it wasn’t for these players, online gaming would cease to exist. It is because of their diligence in fighting the good fight when it came to the UIGEA Law that both mobile and PC players can now enjoy and engage in gambling whenever they wish to and wherever they wish to.

Slots Tournaments

Those online players from the US who enjoy competition at any level can play at two of our online casinos who have a total of over 200+ tournaments. Liberty Slots and Lincoln Casino, two of our top online casinos for US players offer daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments including daily freerolls. In their monthly tournaments you will find Special Days as well as Holiday tournaments, too. While our other top online casinos also offer tournaments, they do not come close to the number of tournaments at Liberty and Lincoln. Visit best online flash casinos for US players and bookmark it for future reference.