Bitcoin Wallet - Don't Game Without It

With Bitcoin Casinos becoming more and more prominent, and traditional online casinos adapting to accept Bitcoin as payment, players are going to need a good Bitcoin wallet to get into the game.

Top Bitcoin Wallet Casinos

What Is A Bitcoin Wallet?

Because Bitcoin isn’t based on any currency, and thus does not rely on banks, the onus is on them to provide their own security and system for handling their currency. For this, Bitcoin wallets are of necessity to handle the tasks. There are several advantageous to having a Bitcoin Wallet. One, is the ability to conduct anonymous trades, which includes selling and exchanging Bitcoins easily, within mere minutes. The second biggest perk and arguable the most important notion of a Bitcoin Wallet, is to receive payments, in particular from online casinos in 15 minutes or less. This is possible because Bitcoin, again, is not based on any currency, and therefore can exclude banks. There are extra security measures and encryptions with Bitcoin wallets, making them extremely difficult to hack.

Some Popular Bitcoin Wallets

One of the earliest and most reliable is Bitcoin Wallet. Fast and secure, this wallet is built on Bitcoin core, which comes with the full compliment of the block chain, the nuts and bolts and the integrity of a Bitcoin wallet. This wallet requires 50 gigabytes of hard drive space, however, to handle all your needs across the Bitcoin network. Because this wallet does not allow for transferring or adding additional Bitcoin wallets, security is extra tight and encrypted.

Another popular Bitcoin wallet is BitGo. BitGo is laden with features that are not available with Bitcoin core. This wallet is popular for their multi signature requirements which helps prevent mistakes by requiring users to provide their private key, offline backup key and BitGo’a official, co-signing key. BitGo also comes with a very user friendly interface, further facilitating transactions and comes with a two step verification process for every transaction.

Immensely popular, Copay is high on the Bitcoin wallet list. This wallet is light, and responsive, meaning that it can be easily accessed and scaled for mobile devices. Copay is also a multi signature wallet, that follows a payment protocol. Every payment transaction with this wallet is verified for authenticity to ensure that it gets to its proper destination. Copay also allows its users to share and incorporate other Bitcoin wallets to their account. This wallet even enables multiple users to handle their transactions. Other popular Bitcoin wallets include Arbitz, BreadWallet, Electrum, Bither and Greenbits.

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