Free Ethereum Slots

While Bitcoin is recognized as the premiere crypto currency, Ethereum is also a high ranking crypto currency in its own right, and it is gaining more notoriety in the online casino scene. Based on the Ether style of block chain, Ethereum like Bitcoin relies on a user using an appropriate crypto currency wallet. Where it differs from Bitcoin, is that it uses smart contracts for extra protection of transactions. This method stores these smart contracts within each node of the Ethereum block chain.

Some of the most popular Ethereum wallets include the trust wallet, the jaxx, desktop wallet and so many more.

Putting Ethereum To Use At An Online Casino

While there are many pure Bitcoin casinos as well as online casinos that support Bitcoin, some research will have to be done to find online casinos that support using Ethereum. In case you are curious, here are some of the online casinos that support the Ethereum currency.

Some Of The Casinos That Support Ethereum

Betcoin casino is famous for its extensive sports book section, top notch slot games and table games where some are eligible for live dealer play. Betcoin casino proudly accepts both Bitcoin and Ethereum currencies.

When it comes to pizazz, games galore and strong promotions 1XBit Casino consistently ranks near the top. In addition to accepting Ethereum currency, 1XBit Casino offers a bevy of crypto currencies to help its members get through the door.

There is also Crypto Game Casino that also accepts the Ethereum currency along with several crypto currencies. Rich with slot games, table games, video poker games, Crypto Game Casino makes Ethereum gamers feel more than welcome.

Hit The Sports Book With Ethereum

For the casinos that support the Ethereum currency, you can dive into the exciting world of sports at casino. Proudly accepting Ethereum currency as previously mentioned, 1XBit Casino pulls out all the stops with its extensive sports book section. From the world famous sport, soccer, to all the major North American sports, 1XBit Casino also features tennis, volleyball boxing, cricket and a whole bevy of world renown sports. Certain sports even allow you to place live in game bets on the fly, where up to the minute odds and probabilities are calculated to give you the best possible chance to win. In addition to real sports, 1XBit Casino also features in house, virtual sports where you can also place wagers.