How to Make Casino Bitcoin Deposits

It's no surprise that Bitcoin is the world's premiere crypto currency, which is why more and more online casinos are adapting to have it as a deposit option, but there are also pure Bitcoin casinos. Below are some of the best ways and details about making your deposit with Bitcoin.

Priority Number One - Find Your Wallet

In case you didn't know, Bitcoin is completely a digital currency, meaning that there is no need to go through a bank, so your payments and withdrawals for that matter, will be processed and approved at a faster rate.

Because Bitcoin is crypto, meaning that is based on the block chain technology, so there is an added layer of security. The only thing that can serve as an interface and intermediate for the crypto technology and the online casino, is a Bitcoin wallet. The Bitcoin wallet relies on special digital signatures that synchronizes your account to the Bitcoin market, where you can buy, trade or sell Bitcoin. You can also mine for Bitcoin, meaning you conduct transactions or find sales for a small fee on behalf of the seller. So what are some of the popular Bitcoin wallets available?

For starters, you can never go wrong with the classic Bitcoin wallet. Though large in computer and hardware resources, the original Bitcoin wallet is rich in features and above all, security measures. Another popular Bitcoin wallet is the Electrum Wallet which is lighter in size and resources, but is very strong in security with extra nodes.

Step Number Two - Get Your Bitcoins

Now that you've picked your Bitcoin wallet, then next step is to add Bitcoins to your wallet. You can transfer funds from your personal bank account and convert them to Bitcoins via the Bitcoin exchange. And also through the exchange, you can interact with other members in the Bitcoin exchange where you can buy, sell or trade Bitcoins.

Step Three - Choose Your Online Casino

Okay, you've got your Bitcoin wallet, the next choice is totally up to you, finding the online casino of your choice that has Bitcoin as a payment. Remember there are pure Bitcoin casinos as well, meaning that the only form of payment they accept, is Bitcoin. Once you've made your choice, simply sign up to that casino, head to the cashier, then select Bitcoin as your option to deposit. Satisfy the casino's minimum deposit at least, then the casino will transfer the funds on your behalf from the Bitcoin wallet to one of their Bitcoin friendly accounts.