Max Casino Carson City

Max Casino Carson City offers much more than just gambling entertainment. If you pay a visit to its photo-filled, promotions-stuffed black-colored website, you will notice that the main menu on top features tabs like Black Bear Diner, Hotel Reservations, Event Calendar, News!, Entertainment, Players’ Club and others, showing the diversity of the website’s services. The homepage is stuffed with news, promotions, generous offers, contact details, winners, account set up info and a lot of other comforts for newcomers.

Event Calendar

In the Event Calendar, players can check out the profitable events of each month that might allow them to bring home great cash prizes. For instance, the month of July’s calendar is so stuffed with gambling generosity in the form of promotions and offers, there is barely enough space on the slots of each day and week. Every Monday for instance is Loyalty Day. Every Tuesday, players will be receiving 3 times more points. Wednesday is Senior Day. Thursday offers a 5-dollar prize with the subtitle “Yes, we’re local.” Friday is Ladies’ Night. Saturday offers players the special chance to win extra 20 dollars. Sunday is the day for the special Mystery Point Wheel.


The so-called Max Rewards Club is one of the best and most player-rewarding gambling places in Northern Nevada. It allows for the earning of special points as well as exclusive rewards during the process of playing. Max Casino is also popular for being able ot provide great live entertainment and never-ending weekly bonuses. The special points that can be earned can be traded for cash prizes, free games or food comps. Fans of Keno are also eligible to acquire various prizes. If a potential player takes a closer look at the news feed on the website, it will become clear to him or her that in the past, Max Casino has organized plenty of profitable reward campaign such as the Bring a Friend referral program, which lasted throughout the entirety of June, paying 10 dollars to the member and 20 to the referred friend, as well as giving gamblers the chance to win a 5000-dollar draw at the end of the month. Another example is the Bonus Prize Bingo back from March, which offered 2500 dollars in cash. If you join in, you can be sure that you will be able to benefit from such offers in the future, as well as from the casino’s spectacular combination of gambling entertainment and stunning prizes.