Check Out The Hero Slots At Bet365 Casino Today

Slot games come in many varieties, as you are no doubt aware. But some slots fit into categories no others can share. Sure, you’ve got animal slots, historical slots, themed slots, and so on. But what about hero slots? That’s a category we haven’t seen anywhere other than at Bet365, and yet it is one of the best we have seen. You will see hero slots included as one of several categories on the home page of the casino at Bet365, so it is very easy to find. Once you click into it, you will be greeted with slot games featuring, yes, you guessed it, heroes! Batman Begins is the first example we saw of such a slot, but the entire collection of Batman slots based on the original TV show starring Adam West is there too. Top tip – we thoroughly recommend all those as they are great to play. You can also try Superman and Superman II, along with Justice League. Better still, most of these games have a progressive jackpot involved in play. We know the odds are long against any player winning it, but someone must win. And when we looked, Batman and The Joker Jewels, to give just one example, was up at £1.4 million! So, it could be profitable for you to visit the Bet365 casino to play hero slots today.