A Spennymore Player hits £1.6m Jackpot Win

A Spennymore player turned a £1 bet into £1.6m win in just a little over 22 minutes when playing on an online gambling website. Scott Clydesdale, of Spennymoor, used a £20 Sky Vegas bonus and played on the Toy Factory slot game when he hit gold. Scott is the third person to become a millionaire on North-East Sky Vegas. A Stockton women won on a 20p spin, and David R. From Newcastle scooped £2.64m. Scott said that seeing it on screen your heart tells you that you have won, however your head is telling you that something is going to go wrong. He said he has always been cynical and did not think that real people won the big jackpots, but after his win he now know that it is real. He plans on using the money for his upcoming wedding and visit to Florida. Scott said that he is originally from Lincoln, and he though he had made the right choice coming to live here, because all he Sky Vegaswinners come from North-East. Sarah Hackett spokesperson for Sky Vegas congratulated Scott on his exciting win and joining the exclusive club of Sky Vegas millionaires.