Online Slots Tournaments Strategies

Online Slots have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and more and more players are enjoying the benefits of their favourite gaming from the comfort of their home. One of the reason that online slots games are popular is the amazing variety of innovation that online casinos provide.

Added to this craze of gaming in the comfort in the home, is slots tournaments, many of the online casino are now offering a wide variety of slots tournaments that suit each players skills level. We present to you a guide on slots tournaments, how they work, methods of play, and how to win.

What Is An Online Slots Tournament?

New players to online slots tournament have many question they would like answered, a few questions that come up often are “What are slot tournaments?”, "Are they rigged?” “how do they work” and ‘What rules apply to the tournaments?

Basically slots tournaments is pretty much like an other type of tournament, a group of people will get together in competition to compete in a game, and those that perform well are usually the winners. When an online casino sets up a tournament, they will allocate a set time to start and complete the game, the event is then advertised to the casino’s network of players and possibly outside of the casino’s network inviting participation.

Two kinds of tournament are offered by casinos, Freerolls - that means no entry fee and tournaments that require a buy-in (an entry fee).

Casinos that offer a freeroll, will put in all of the entry fee and have a set prize for the winner, the casino then takes a percentage of the prize money and the winner will get the remainder of the money. Generally the prize pot will be smaller than in an buy-in slots tournament. A buy-in tournament prize often depends on the number if participants in the tournament.

Players that participate in buy-in tournaments the buy-in fee entitles the player to a number of credits allowed for the game.

One of the things that attract players to slots tournaments is that they offer lots of fast-paced action without a player having to put in a lot of money.

Slots tournament online

Online Slots Tournaments offer players an equal chance in the tourney, against the working against the slot and the players own bankroll, to compete to see who is able to make the most of what they have in a set period of time.

Playing in tournaments one can change the pace, at the same time have an opportunity to win big money.

Strategies for Winning on Online Slot Tournaments

Once the tournament starts there is not much you can do except make sure you work towards getting the highest possible number of spins in the allocated time frame. You cant influence the outcome, you need luck on your side.

Quick Tips for Online Tournaments

  • You need to ensure that your computer is able to run the software and to be able to connect without any issues
  • If you ae new to tournament, then start with the freerolls
  • To achieve the highest spin rate, keep spinning until the time runs out
  • In most tournaments autoplay is disabled, so make sure you are prepared to do a lot of clicking
  • When pre-registering make sure you start on time, take a note of start time and date and be there.
  • Make use of re-buys and continues wisely
  • Check how many players ae participating, choose ones that have less players for a better chance of winning
  • You can join more than one casino to get access to more tournaments.

Using Re-Buys and Continues

At land based casinos rebuys are not always available, however, online casino offer this options. Take advantage of it. Casino that use Microgaming software offer a different type of re-buy its called continue. There is a difference between re-buys and continue.

Re-buys gives a player another opportunity to play in a tournament by paying a fee again to get that chance, each tournament has their set re-buy fee. Choosing a re-buy is a personal choice. When choosing a re-buy check that the top scores are low, which means that you still have a good chance of winning the top prize.

Continues are unique to Microgaming tournaments, and offer the player a chance to continue where they stopped when the time runs out. Thus means that players are able to increase their score for a fee, and make it a more popular option to re-buys. Also consider your continue only if you have a good store to begin with.