Stratis is a Platform of the BaaS type, which is an abbreviation for Blockchain-as-a-service, that has been designed with the purpose of opening the door for financial sector companies, aiming at profiting from the ever-more famous Blockchain system. Through Stratis, corporations are capable of coming up with their own blockchain apps that are customized according to their needs that have just the right features needed for the successful further development of the particular business. This ability allows for a much easier, more straightforward blockchain project building and therefore gets a lot more tasks done. All of these third party blockchains will be granted an additional level of security, which will be directly connected to the main Stratis blockchain. Naturally, Stratis allows for all these custom blockchains to be easily accessed in secured ways. Companies can put together these blockchains without having to worry about problems and especially additional expenses caused by the full maintenance of a brand new blockchain system because Stratis has that covered. Additionally, while these corporations are working on their Stratis based blockchains, they can freely take ideas from other cryptocurrency examples such as the blockchains of Waves or Ethereum.

Now, in order for these easy and fully functional blockchains to be created, companies will need to use the Stratis, which is the currency of the Platform. Although concepts from other online currency blockchains can be used, when a company creates one via Stratis, it is composed of the main Stratis chain code. That allows for easy transfers and the presence of sidechains. The Stratis team keeps coming up with newer and newer upgrades that will improve the blockchain building process. The customer service is always available for any type of inquiry and is offering advice to all its customers (corporations) regarding what is the best way for a certain blockchain to be created and what features does it need in order to serve the goals of the client. Future plans of the developers include Stratis getting its headquarters in London and from then on commence to become an international service, provided that what they offer is sufficiently requested on a global scale. Stratis has organized plenty of interesting programs and events such as the Stratis Developer Academy, in which education and promotion for trainees is offered by specially appointed mentors that can result in certificates. Contests also take place in the Academy to keep the spirit of innovation alive. The 2017 event will be the so-called Stratis Blockchain Hackathon and in it blockchain creators will be given the chance to shine.

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