Good Girl Bad Girl Slots

Good Girl Bad Girl Slots game is a creation by BetSoft. This game is like no other. The plot and story is quite simple to understand. The slot game is one in which there are variations in the frequency of payout but it does give players the opportunity to wager smaller amounts and build up winnings gradually.

Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots Game Facts

Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots is a different type of slot game in the industry. Players will see a 15 payline game per variation that offers two types of game play. This means that you can choose either to play as the Good Girl or the Bad Girl. Each variation of this slots game has a difference in how you will be rewarded. The storyline behind the game is based on an angel and devil. One is a good angel that is sitting on your shoulder. This is the Good Girl. The second is a female devil that is the Bad Girl. You will only have to switch dial to turn the gameplay from "good" to "bad" depending on what side you want to choose. The Bad Girl gameplay is to the right and the Good Girl is switching the dial to the left. However, it is possible to play both the good and bad variation of this game and it would expand to 30 paylines when you do so, and this will be a double wager for you. Keep in mind that there are also differences between Good Girl and Bad Girl. FOr example, the Good Girl gameplay will provide more wins. Yet, the wild symbol for the Good Girl Variant will only give up to a 2x multiplier. The Bad Girl Variant does not produce as many wins, but the wild symbol during this gameplay will lead to a multiplier that is 4x. It is also important to know that the jackpot coin win varies depending on whether you are playing Good Girl Variant or Bad Girl Variant. For example, if there are five wilds on the reels, then this win will be 500 coins under Good Girl gameplay, but up to 1000 coins under the Bad Girl gameplay. The other symbols in the game will pay the same whether playing as the Good Girl or Bad Girl. The minimum wager is $0.02 and up to $1 per payline. The highest win players can receive is 1,170,000 coins.

Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots Bonus Game Features

The Gamble Feature has great graphics and animation. During this feature the Angel and Devil will travel up to the heavens. As the slots player, you will have to choose whether a coin toss will show "Good" or "Bad." The right guess will double your win. The other bonus features do have the opportunity for players to increase their winnings. The first bonus round is called the Money Wheel. This is initiated when the scatter symbol, the Money Wheel, appears in three places on the reels. You will see a money wheel and can spin it to receive nothing, cash, the jackpot or even free spins. The cash prize can be anywhere from 550 coins and more than 10 free spins. The second bonus round is the Click Me Gift Box. It is triggered by the appearance of the Halo symbol next to the Pitchfork Symbol.You will then select gift boxes to show the prizes contained. However, you are only allowed to select four boxes and then the bonus game closes. So now that you understand more about this slots game, what are you waiting for? When you play Good Girl Bad Girl Slot you can switch between your "good" and "bad" side and become one step closer to the big jackpot win.