Floating Dragon Megaways Slots

Asian-oriented games continue to serve as a grand beacon and example when it comes to the best in slot game entertainment. And when it comes to Floating Dragon Megaways, the power of fantasy reaches a brand new level with superb graphics, interactive gameplay, and more.

So before jumping into your favorite online casino to play Floating Dragon Megaways, give this guide a read, so you don't miss any of the exciting details.

A True Gaming Masterpiece

Why settle for five pay lines when you can have six? That's the case when it comes to Floating Dragon Megaways. You get six pay lines with over 200,000 pay lines. Yes, you heard that correctly. The game's theme is firmly about the timeless intrigue and culture of Asian mythology.

The colors are graphic and crisp, with floating plants moving about. And to help you manage those magnificent pay lines, Floating Dragon Megaways gives you a sophisticated pay line system where you can quickly float along and manage the exact number of pay lines. So you are free to gamble on the amazing compliment of 236,000 pay lines, or you can choose the middle of the pack to meet your gaming needs.

And when you finish making that critical pay line bet, the next move is to get your cash bet to your liking. But, again, that's the power of Floating Dragon's coin button system. You can quickly make up to $2 bets to get the reels flowing in the winning column.

Floating Dragon Megaways allows you to play through autoplay mode or manual mode. You can also use the options button to tweak the game settings, like reel speed and the amazing brightness.

Floating Dragon Megaways Delivers the Paytable

Floating Dragon Megaways provides the extra winning grace with a full paytable. We begin with the colorful wild symbol that's up in the clouds. It will replace the other game symbols except for the charming lady and the scatter icon.

The phoenix sets to the skies with ten credits for six of it on the pay lines. Likewise, the butterfly takes flight with five credits while the fish produce three credits for getting them on the reels. And to round out the playing card numbers, Floating Dragon Megaways gives you high-value playing cards to keep the winning coffers flowing.

Even the Bonus Rounds are Mega

And to take your winning to newer heights, Floating Dragon Megaways provides multiple bonus rounds, including the tumble way feature. With this, after you score a winning combination, the responsible winning icons disappear while the positions of the remaining symbols themselves to the bottom.

New icons tumble down onto the game screen, and if you notch a winning combination, the wins continue. So keep your eyes on the fish money symbols. With this, you can receive a random winning value of up to 5,000 times your bet.

And be on the lookout for the mystery symbol. This unique icon can further add to your wins during the free spins round. And speaking of the free spins round, the more scatter icons you land on the reels, the greater the number of free spins. So six scatter symbols unlock the fabulous 25 free spins.