Valentine’s Day Love Slots for Your Enjoyment

As February rolls around, the feeling of love is in the air and gentleman all over the world plan sweet gifts and getaways for their gal-pals. Of course, anyone can get a Valentine’s Day gift for anyone else! In the spirit of this ancient holiday, top casinos such as WGS and RTG are releasing some of their most-played Love Slots to the public, highlighting them in their software suites. Maybe you’ll get lucky and win a big cash giveaway to partially spend on your special person? The only way to know is to spin the reels.

WGS Love Slots

First, we start off with one of the top love slots from WGS.
  • Cupid’s Arrow Slots – With 5 reels and 30 paylines, this game has a substantial number of possible ways to win cash and prizes for Valentine’s Day – and beyond. Don’t be thrown off by the three rows – it’s a 5 reel standard slot for sure. The symbols are all indicative of the Month of Love; there’s a red heart, red lips, cupid, red roses, white clouds and a couple on love. The background music is quite lovely, with piano and what sounds like a xylophone and harp strumming along. The game takes place in Heaven, Itself, and imparts tens of thousands of dollars to a lucky winner. Play Cupid’s Love Slot this February and beyond at WGS!

Rival Love Slots

If you’ve spent any time at all online then you know that Rival Gaming has some of the best slots around. Their Valentine Holiday collection is just as impressive as the others, and below, you’ll find a lucrative earner.
  • Swinging Sweethearts Slot – This 5 reel, 50 payline slot is definitely a sign of the times. In it, you’ll control the character Bernadette, who’s smitten with love for two guys – obviously, one more than the other! You’ll use the reels to decide which one is for her; the choice is between Dale 1 and Dale 2. The symbols on the reels are all symbols of wealth and prosperity, and include a diamond ring, roses, toaster oven, chocolate candies and cash. Of course, as always, the numbers from the table game Poker are also on the reels. There are multipliers and free spins when the host of the game show lands on the reels in the right order, so keep your eyes open for a chance at big cash in Swinging Sweethearts Slot.

Pragmatic Play Slots

No slot list is complete without something from the great company Pragmatic Play. Well-known for their high-quality casino games, they have something special to offer for Valentine’s Day, as well:
  • Romeo and Juliet Slots – What would the St. Valentine’s Day be without a bit about one of the greatest – certainly the most recognizable – love stories ever told? This 5 reel, 25 payline game has a couple of Wild symbols that release free spins and many more surprises. In fact, these two Romeo and Juliet symbols can also function as expanded Wilds if they show up in the right spots. There’s a re=spin in the game, too, so make sure you play to win.

Bonuses and Promotions this Valentine’s Day

As you can expect for such a day with so much love in the air, these online casinos will have some attractive bonuses and promotions to entice you to play well into the night. Take advantage of the Welcome or Match Bonuses to start out with a wad of cash courtesy of the casino house. Just imagine if you win with starting money that wasn’t even yours – it’ll make for an especially happy Valentine’s Day!

Tournament Play

Any major online casino that’s worth much definitely has tournament play these days. Match your lucky streak and knowledge of casino game trends with players from all over to best them and claim your prize. Since so many gamers are in on it, tournament play generally has a lot more cash and prizes available for the winners.