Best US-Friendly Online Casinos that Accept Vanilla Visa

If you're looking for US-friendly online casinos that accept Vanilla Visa, start your search for casinos that accept Visa. Vanilla Visa is a prepaid Visa that can be used in any online casinos that take credit and debit cards and that are based in the United States. That's the tricky part, if a casino is not an official U.S. casino, your Vanilla Visa will not work.

U.S. Based Casinos

Whether or not you can play in US-friendly online casinos that accept Vanilla Visa depends on where you live. Some states have passed legislation allowing residents of that state to play their favorite slots, table games, and video poker options online. Nevada, New Jersey, and Maryland are currently the three states allowing online casinos to operate.

Luckity is an online casino operated by Churchill Downs. They do accept Visa credit and debit card transactions with a $5 fee if you make a deposit online or a 4.5% fee for over-the-phone transactions. At this time, the only games they offer are bingo games. is an option for a U.S-based casino that accepts Visa. The online casino is tied to the well-known Golden Nugget Casino in New Jersey. New Jersey residents get a $10 no deposit bonus to get them started.

Finally, residents of Nevada can deposit money using Visa to their account at Again, these players enjoy a $10 no deposit bonus. Online casino games range from Monopoly Plus to the mysterious The Vanishing Act slots that has stacked wilds to build huge wins.

So What Exactly Is A Vanilla Visa?

Simply put, Vanilla Visa is a new age gift card sponsored by Visa credit card. There are normal gift cards, some of which are accepted at online casinos, but because Vanilla Visa is a product of Visa itself, you should be in good hands when making your deposit at an online casino. So how exactly does Vanilla Visa work? It’s quite simple actually. You purchase the denomination of your Vanilla Visa Card, either at the official website or stores that carry it. The denominations range from a minimum of ten bucks, all the way to the maximum of $500.

There are many choices and styles to choose from, which is the next step for you to do. There are many themes, ranging from birthdays, simple thank yous, congratulations and more. If buying online, you can use major credit cards to make your purchase. Once you receive your Vanilla Visa Card, you will need to activate it. In addition to using it as a deposit option, Vanilla Visa can easily be used to purchase everyday items at a variety of stores. And at any given time, you are more than welcome to check out your current balance and history of transactions.

Other Popular Banking Options In Addition Vanilla Visa

While Vanilla Visa is a burgeoning banking options at more and more online casinos, you still can’t buck tradition. You can continue to use major credit cards including Visa and MasterCard. You might even be able to use American Express and Discover Card as well. Most certainly, you will be able to use the debit card equivalents. Prior to using any of the credit cards or the debit cards for that matter, you will need to fill out a credit card authorization form to be submitted to the cashier for approval. You will need to have proof of your current residence and identification, prior to being able to use them.

Once approved, credit and debit card transactions are normally free of charge. The minimum deposit can be either $25 or $35, depending on the online casino. Deposits with credit cards are handled immediately. Some of the major pre paid gift cards in addition to Vanilla Visa, are welcomed as a deposit option. When it comes to pre paid cards, NeoSurf is a highly popular option as a pre paid card option. You can buy these online in certain denominations, or at authorized retailers. You can even use Neosurf to buy additional products at select retailers and stores.

From credit cards we move to e wallets. When it comes to the e wallets, the likes of Neteller and Skrill are accepted at many online casinos. Neteller and Skrill, like credit cards will also process your deposits instantly. Depending on your country, one or the other, or perhaps, both of these services are made available to use. In order to use them, you will to of course setup an account with them, which requires a valid email address. The deposits are processed for free with the minimum deposit ranging from $25 to $35. In order to setup an account with them, you will need to have a valid email address. An email address is needed to even register. It only takes a minute or two to do so.

And at certain online casinos, you might have the option to use PayPal. PayPal is arguably the world’s number one digital wallet. It will process your transactions instantly. It is easy to use PayPal. You will need to setup an account with them, which requires an email address. The next step is to link up a credit and debit card.

The Power Of Crypto Currencies

It seems that today, Bitcoin and crypto currencies are all the rage, and for good reason. More and more, online casinos are imploring the usage of crypto currencies as a deposit option. In some cases, crypto currencies are the only deposit option. When it comes to crypto currencies, by far, Bitcoin is the number one crypto currency in the world. From initial inception back in 2009, Bitcoin has evolved and for the better.

For those who don’t know, Bitcoin is a purely digital currency, in many ways, the first of its kind. Because it is a digital currency, it relies on its system and currency outside of the banks. This is especially helpful for online casino users who don’t have to worry about going through any banks and authorization systems.

So what exactly does Bitcoin run on? They run on their own proprietary, block chain technology. Bitcoin uses special encryption technology on all of its transactions which is broken down and saved as nodes with special signatures. In order to use Bitcoin, you will need to use a Bitcoin wallet. There are many out their on the market, so you must do a little research to find the one that is right for you. Wallets provide and work with digital signatures. Once you’ve made your choice, you will need to convert some funds into Bitcoin, and then head to the cashier.

It is important to note as well that many online casinos these days offer special promotions for making deposits with Bitcoin. Next to Bitcoin, there are even more important and popular crypto currencies that you can make your deposits with.

Another highly popular crypto currency is Ethereum. Ethereum like Bitcoin, works on a block chain technology. But the difference is, you can program the block chain technology when it comes to Ethereum. Simply put, because the block chain nodes are decentralized when it comes to Bitcoin, and thus gives you the flexibility to alter the code and to even create new accounts. Of course, you can use Ethereum to make deposits at online casinos as well.

It is important to note that when it comes to Ethereum, there are two different types actually. In fact, it split into two similar, but different currencies on the Ethr network. You have the current Ethereum, and then you have Ethereum Classic. You will need to find the Ethereum wallet to handle your needs. There are many to choose from, including the likes of MetaMask, MyCrypto, Trust Wallet, and My Ether Wallet. Once you’ve made your choice, it is up to you to convert some funds into Ethereum and then head to the cashier and choose Ethereum as your option.

In addition to Bitcoin, you have Bitcoin Cash. It runs on the same form as the regular Bitcoin. The difference is, that it runs on higher block chain limits. More and more online casinos are relying on Dodgecoin. So what is the hoopla surrounding Dodgecoin? There are many reasons actually. Ever since coming online in 2013, Dodgecoin has been widely traded among its members. It is widely used more and more for major sporting events, including Nascar and other things. It is widely trading among the other crypto currencies and in fact has its won exchange. You will need to choose a wallet that is compatible for Dodgecoin. There is the official Dodgecoin wallet that cross platforms on major platforms, including the mobile devices. You also have the Guarda Wallet which can store and handle multiple crypto currencies. Another high value wallet for Dodgecoin is the Trezor wallet.

How Things Are Processed

When you make your deposit, or your withdrawal for that matter, there are normally processing fees involved. When you are making deposits via credit cards and e wallets, you can oftentimes bypass any process fees. The same is true when it comes to Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. When you are making your withdrawals, there maybe some processing fees involved, especially if you request a traditional check or bank wire transfer, you can certainly expect some transactional fees to be associated with it.

Security Matters

And of course, anytime you are making a transaction or a withdrawal request for that matter, security is certainly a hot button topic. Rest assured, the online casino that you are playing at will have state of the art encryption available to ensure maximum security on your deposits.

It’s A Breeze To Deposit At An Online Casino

It’s not rocket science involved at making a deposit at your online casino. It’s really easy. You simply head to the cashier and choose your deposit method. Again, if you are using credit and debit cards, you will need to first fill out a credit card authorization form. The cashier is always open so step on in at anytime.