Check out Event Horizon at Bovada Casino

Event Horizon is one of the main 3D slots games available at Bovada Casino among others. You’ll soon realize it has quite a lot to offer too, although the initial impact is made by the colorful screen, packed with assorted symbols. Let’s check out more about the game now. This could be a great one for you to play.

How many reels and paylines does Event Horizon have?

At first glance you’d say this was a standard game with five reels featuring on your game screen. However you’ll soon notice you have more than just a few lines in play here. The game pays out in 243 ways, so it’s a great one to try out for something a little different.

How much or little could you bet on the game?

The bet amounts are pretty standard for these games. You’ll have a low bet amount of two cents, and a large amount of a dollar if you want to go to the upper end of the wager amounts. You’ve also got the option of choosing between one and five coins per line if you wish.

Does Event Horizon have any special symbols in play?

There is a wild symbol, which looks a little like a round shining ball or planet. This has the usual feature of standing in for any other symbol, so it can help you get more winning lines. It doesn’t appear on the first reel but it can pop up on all the others.

Is there a bonus round?

No there isn’t, but this game has a different feature you may not have seen before. It’s called the Sync Reels Feature, and it could apply to two or more reels on each spin. If you get two or more reels behaving in this manner, they’ll get a background that is lit up so you can tell the feature is in operation. When this happens the reels are synced and whatever appears on them will appear the same on every single one. Needless to say, the more synced reels you can get, the more chance you have of racking up some serious winnings during that spin.

Download and play Event Horizon today!

This is an unusual game when compared to others you may have played online. The synced reels feature is by far the most interesting thing about it though, which is why you might enjoy giving it a try.