Come Fly the Virtual Paying Skies

When one thinks of the birds, Alfred Hitchcok's legendary film "The Birds," normally comes to mind, but that was then, and this is now. And by right now, we are talking about Betsoft's Birds slots.

About Birds Slots

Birds is a 5 reel animated video slot with 25 clunky pay lines, that is completely dedicated to birds. Not only is this slot title a technical marvel with crisp, vivid graphics, with birds swooping and gliding in flawless fashion, but Birds is groundbreaking from the standpoint that not only are the 5 reels cascading, but wins are determined from the left of the reels as birds glide and swoop down on the telephone wires. Winning combinations are determined with the right set of birds flying away while the remaining birds remain perched on the wire. It is important to note that the wins continue to pile up until the birds remain settled on the pay line.

All in all, there are eleven lovely and distinctive birds in this slot bonanza, with each bird displaying their own individual personality. In fact these birds make up the all the game symbols, in place of traditional playing card numbers, which also makes Birds a one of a kind, innovative slot. And its only fitting that the free spins bonus round is all about the flight. In Birds slots, lucky players have the prospect of playing unlimited free spins, provided that the correct group of 3 birds flock together on the wire, causing a chain reaction of cascading wins. As the correct birds congregate, a meter on the left part of the playing screen will fill up. When the meter reaches the fourth tier, players are awarded eight free spins.

Who says it doesn't pay to fly the friendly skies? While in free flights mode, the number of free spins can actually increase with the continuation of consecutive winning combinations, meaning that the correct 3 birds must continue to land, and the correct 3 birds must land in succession to take their place. Additional free spins earned will be piled on top of the already existing free spins. Even more charming in Birds is the double up extra bonus where players winning combinations are doubled if they can get the correct birds to fly together.

Betsoft, a heavyweight gaming engine in the online casino world, delivers another winner with Birds slots, a smooth, animated delight designed to keep the atmosphere light and full of chirps to the tune of prizes and cash.