Online Gambling Scams, What to Watch For

No one wants to be scammed, to avoid that happening its a good idea to know what to look for. Online gambling sites makes it much easier to scam the public, we list here a few scams to be on the look out for.

Online casinos are fun and convenient way to entertained, there are some rogue casino operators who open up with the intention to just scam players. There are also casinos that start out with good intentions, but they simply run out of operating capital, they then close the casino and run away with players money.

Warning Signs

Here are some warning signs that could show that the casino intends scamming the players:

Slow Pay / No Pay

When a players requests a withdrawal and it takes weeks for them to receive the payment. When this happens then you can be almost sure that the casino is stalling and intends to get a much out before closing shop. NOTE: If you are in a country where oinline gambling is not legalized, then expect some delays, because the casino has to 'jump through some hoops' to get your money to you. Countries like the USA has legalized gambling which means its regulated and more chance of you getting your money.

If your net winnings are delayed more than a few weeks or the customer service agents state that you were paid, when you were not, you need to be worried you might be scammed.

Does the casino use reputable software?

There are several companies that supply software to entrepreneurs who wish to operate an online casino. Some of these companies are well known to be committed to their programming of quality software for gaming and they operate on fairness, safety and security. This is the good part, but the bad part is these companies will sell their software to anyone who has sufficient money to buy them. Which means there is the potential for a scam.

Check for…

Look for casino that are fully licensed and regulated in the jurisdiction that they operate.

Worldwide there are not strict online gambling laws, many of the casino operate from small countries such as Gibraltar, Malta, Isle or Man, Costa Rica, Caracao, Barbuda, and also in Kahnawake, which is a small Indian reservation in Canada.

Online Casino that operate in the United Kingdom are under strict licensing agreements, thus a player can feel safe and confident playing on a UK casino site.

Joining Casino

When joining a casino you need to check a few things. Check the casino provides a location and that they are licensed in that jurisdiction. If not then avoid at all costs.

Check online watchdog websites, if the casino is endorsed by the watchdog then you can be assured that it is safe. A good place to check is eCOGRA(eCommerce Online Gaming regulation and Assurance). Watchdog sites such as this act as a mediator between casinos and the players should any dispute arise.

Terms and conditions

This is something many people don't do, however, this is an important tip, every reputable casino will have a link to their terms and conditions. If they are not available on site and the casino will not send them then that should be a red flag to avoid the casino.

Terms and condition can be confusing for most people as most of the copy is legal jargon. Although its important to check the casino's T&C there is no need to stress of every single word. You need to check and few rules that are not on the main website.

Things to check on

Age Requirements, and jurisdiction

Check on age requirements, some casino's accept 18 year olds others only accept over 21.

Jurisdiction should be checked to ensure that you would be accepted on the casino, different countries have the own laws, just like the United States. Check that the casino will accept players from your country.

Check for the casino's withdrawal limits and how long it takes for payouts. Each casino has their own restrictions and limitations.

The bonus wagering requirements, at one time bonuses were a easy way for players to gain back from the house edge, but, players abused the system making quick money. Online casinos have now implemented restrictions and different requirements attached to bonuses. Its always best to check this out before claiming a bonus.

Some casino have game requirements for using the bonus money, check what the casino offers, some only allow bonuses to be used on slots and keno.

Deposit methods, this is another way to be sure that the casino is genuine, avoid casinos that only accept cash, cash is too easy to scam people. Rather choose a casino that has reputable payment options like Credit Cards, Neteller, Moneybookers (skrill) eChecks and some accept PayPal, some casinos are now accepting Bitcoin which is good for secure transactions.