Mr Cashman Slot Game

Don’t know who Mr. Cashman is? Mr. Cashman has been a staple in Australian, terrestrial casinos. Originally starting off as three reel games, Mr. Cashman served as the wild symbol for those games. So popular was Mr. Cashman, that he was featured in the Aristocratic line of games, with many prominent games being African Dusk, Indian Gold, Mystic Eyes and more. But recently Mr. Cashman has gotten a huge makeover. So what’s new in the improved version of Mr. Cashman? For starters these games that feature Mr. Cashman can be played as a stand alone, and second Mr. Cashman features four bonus rounds. Thee bonus round occur at complete random and you must also wager the maximum so you can become eligible to play any one of the four bonus rounds. And to show that there are no hard feelings, should you not score a winning combination during free games or free spins, you will receive two additional credits.