Liberty Slots Player Wins Over $46k

How would you react if you were playing an online slot game and you suddenly realized you had won $46,250 in a single spin? It’s fair to say you’d feel pretty excited, so you might be able to imagine how Carol P felt when that exact scenario played out in front of her while she played one of the slot games at the Liberty Slots online casino recently.

A change from video poker

According to Carol herself, she usually plays video poker, but that night she decided to switch to playing slots instead. She does this sometimes, but on that occasion she wanted to play some of the slots available that had magic in their titles. We think it was a good choice, as it certainly turned into a magical evening for her!

How did she scoop the big win?

Carol had chosen to play Black Magic, and she upped her bets to $250 a spin in the hope of getting some bigger prizes. She did this because her account balance sat just shy of $20,000. While she didn’t say much about that balance, she did mention that she wouldn’t have upped her bets to that level if she had been playing with her own money. That’s why we think she had some bonus and promotional money sitting in there. Whatever the case may be, her feeling about playing games with magic in the title and maximizing her bet amounts certainly paid off. Not only did she trigger the special feature included in Black Magic slots, she also managed to reveal big cash prizes behind the six crystals you see when you reach that round. The total cash prize ended up being $46,250 – and all on just one lucky spin!

Liberty Slots manager Mark Ramirez is delighted

Mark commented on the big win shortly after Carol scooped that prize. He said it was ‘great for Carol’ and that ‘she deserves this win.’ Clearly, the people at Liberty Slots do take care of their players and they love it almost as much as the players do when someone scoops a massive prize!

Will you enjoy some luck playing at Liberty Slots too?

Why not find out today? They have some great welcoming offers and there are lots of games to choose from, regardless of which platform you decide to use to access their site. Good luck – and we might just be reporting on a big win for you soon too!