What Are Casino Bonus Playthroughs

Casino gamblers love to receive free cash, and they are at the right spot to get it when they play at online betting platforms. These casinos always love to have more members, and they always find successful ways to attract them. For example, they come up with alluring bonuses that can be claimed by active players. When casinos are really generous, these bonuses can reward players with thousands of extra coins.

But before gamblers can place these extra coins in their pockets, they first need to play for them. And that is where the playthrough concept makes its appearance. When players claim a bonus, the rewards will be added to their bank roll incrementally, depending on how fast they manage to fulfill the necessary playthrough requirements.

How Slots.LV Casino Makes Use of the Playthrough Concept

The online casino platform Slots.lv uses a bonus reward system that makes use of the playthrough concept. When gamblers decide to become a member of this casino and sign up to claim the generous welcome bonus of $5.000, they will start the giveaway sequence with a 200 per cent match reward on their first deposit. This bonus can reach as high as $1.000.

From there on, they have to earn the remaining part of the $5.000 bonus with a total of eight 100 per cent match promotions. Each of these bonuses can give them a maximum reward of $500. In order to start this promotion chain, players have to redeem a bonus code during their first casino credit deposit. Additionally, they also have to participate in a predetermined number of casino games if they wish to fulfill the playthrough requirements. Only when they do this, they will be able to redeem the next promotion code. So it is clear that it really pays to play a lot and become a loyal member of the casino. The more active players are with betting in games, the more they will earn with bonuses.

Additionally, new Slots.lv players have to deal with the same playthrough requirements when they make use of the Bitcoin welcome reward from this platform. However, the welcome reward is actually even higher for Bitcoin depositors, because their total bonus prize is not $5.000 but a whopping $7.500.

With this reward chain, the total bonus prize is divided over nine installments. Each Bitcoin transaction hands out part of the prize, but again, only if the playthrough objectives are fully achieved by the player. However, keep in mind that not all games on the platform help players to achieve these objects or they will help them only a little bit with your goals. So it is wise to check at forehand which games will be the most helpful.