Palace Of Chance Casino Lottery Promotion

Making a deposit on Palace of Chance Casino will automatically ensure that you are automatically entered into their Casino lottery. Every deposit made by a player will count as one single entry into the next Lottery Drawing. Larger deposits earn higher multipliers that can increase winnings.

Prize Table

  • 1st Prize $200
  • 2nd Prize $50
  • 3rd Prize $40
  • 4th Prize $30
  • 5th Prize $20
  • 6th Prize $5

Multipliers based on the deposit amount

  • $50-$99 = 2x Multiplier
  • $100-$499 = 3x Multiplier
  • $500+ = 5x Multiplier

Deposit amounts will boost the prize, the higher your deposit, the higher the multiplier, the multipliers are automatically applied to the prizes. All winners are drawn randomly based on the deposit transactions that were made between each of the active lotteries. Winners will be ranked in the order they are drawn.