AstroPay Card

When it comes to making deposits in online casinos, the long standing and traditional method has been Visa and MasterCard credit cards and debit cards, but now there is a new kid on the block, and it goes by the name AstroPay.

About AstroPay

Right off the top of the bat, AstroPay separates itself from the credit card bunch by being a virtual credit card. In fact, it is an app that you can download from either Google Pay or from the Itunes store. And already, it’s accepted around the world and it comes it numerous of the world’s most popular currencies.

Unlike traditional credit cards that features credit lines, with AstroPay, you add the value amount, that way you are never in any danger of going over your credit line, and thus become subject to exuberant fees. The first step however is to register and setup an account with the AstroPay website. You can also accomplish this by editing the details within the mobile app itself. You will also have several options in which to pay for the currency. Some of these payments include Neteller, and Wire transfer. Some places, like Walmart, Sam’s Club and 7 Eleven. There are also numerous option to pay depending on your country and currency. And once payment has been approved, you will receive an email with all your pertinent details as well as info on how to use.

Once all of the setup details are in place, simply login to the online casino that supports AstroPay. Head to the cashier and choose the AstroPay option. You will need to fill in the AstroPay card numbers, security code and expiration date. Unlike traditional credit cards that requires you to fill out a credit card authorization form which can take weeks for approval, because the AstroPay card is completely digital, there’s nothing to approve of since you are accessing the mobile app for information.

Select the amount you wish to deposit with AstroPay and you should be on your way to the gaming at your chosen online casino. AstroPay is completely safe. It comes with flexible features for higher withdrawal limits, similar to a traditional credit card. Operating as a middle man for your banking at an online casino, AstroPay eliminates the need to provide personal and sensitive financial information. For any questions you can get in touch with customer support or visit their frequently asked questions section.

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