Blackcoin is a special online currency which was released in 2014, initially planned to be a Proof of Work type of coin and upon release, everybody was equally capable of acquiring them. A week later Blackcoin transformed into a Proof of Stake coin with an embedded inflation of 1 percent, which would grant holders a single percent bonus on their developed coins for one year. The Staking starts 8 hours after the wallet has been unlocked. Then, the gambler will notice that a certain number of coins have been included in the so-called Stake balance. The more coins one has in that balance, the more money will be coming his or her way. Overall, Staking successfully takes care of the security of the player’s ledger through all the other people whose wallets are available for Staking. It saves a lot of energy and it is extremely fast since the transactions only take around 10 seconds and that will undoubtedly lead to more and more fans and users in the future.

Comforts and Community

This online currency does have a lot to offer: from its persistently active developers to the big community itself. The so-called Blackcoin Multipool gives players the ability to mine for Bitcoins by mining for other types of coins beforehand. Afterwards, they will be able to trade those coins in order to receive back Bitcoins through different exchanges such as BTER, Cryptsy or MintPal. So, in fact, the currency is constantly being kept alive and fresh with all those possibilities for transactions and the value of the coin is still going strong. This Multipool has proven its likability, accessibility and level of comfort multiple times already and many are using it. The Blackcoin community is huge and it has managed to come up with some terrific projects that build on the profitable features of the coin like for example-the Blackcoin rewards card. Projects are being constantly developed and are made in a way so that they can be compatible only with Blackcoin so that the value of the coin can continue to thrive. The steps that need to be taken in order to get the Blackcoin wallet are usually similar for the three main operating systems-Windows, Mac and Linux. The wallet can be downloaded from the official website. Sending coins is simple-you just need the Receive address and the passphrase if your wallet is encrypted (which is usually a must). Then you put down a label and the amount and you are set. Receiving is the same easy process, requiring simple copy paste action but on the opposite end of the deal.

Casinos Using Blackcoin