CLAM is a cryptocurrency that was put together by the creators of the CLAMS software and was released in May, 2014. The name is an abbreviation of the words Caritas (charity), Libertas (liberty), Aequitas (equity) and Monetas (money). CLAM allows players to pay and make value transfers without any limitation imposed by an authority or without the possibility of censorship. Furthermore, it allows gamblers to avoid both confiscation and taxes and everybody can benefit in equal measures from it. The popularity of CLAM is increasing mostly because of the fact that it is the most fairly distributed online currency at the moment. Its logo is not surprisingly, a big clam in yellowish and bluish shades.

CLAM is using a combination of Proof of Stake and blockchain. Its transaction governing is based on that of Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin. That is essentially how CLAM came to be. Since Bitcoin is the very first cryptocurrency that used an entirely new technology (blockchain), everybody was able to use it to create new cryptocurrencies and CLAM happens to be one of the few, which wasn’t an exact clone of Bitcoin but decided to build on its basis in order to achieve better results in its unique direction. The currency’s network is a peer-to-peer type. Normal players can just download the software on their PC. In fact, CLAM’s network is the type that gets stronger and more stable with every person that joins in. The combination of all the connections made in the network keeps the blockchain strong, which assists the process of the transactions. The growth of the currency’s value has always been stable and a great number of passionate players have counted on it to handle their online earnings. FortuneJack is one crypto casino that has completely opened its doors to CLAM-s in response to its warm acceptance by the online gambling community. A very peculiar feature of CLAM coins is the fact there isn’t a user system or otherwise said, the player doesn’t need to sign up in order to join the CLAM network. Players will be using cryptography in order to control CLAMS at randomly generated addresses. This pseudonymous system is very rare and it is another proof for the strength of the community that has been supporting flawlessly Clamcoin since the day of its inception. Additional and fully detailed information on the online currency can be found on the official site which is

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