Crafted by the duo Evan Duffield and Kyle Hagan, Dashcoin is an online currency that combines a number of very important features which delivers countless comforts to users such as increased anonymity and the overwhelming stabilization of the system’s performance. Naturally, it works quite efficiently as a form of money transferred via the internet but what it stands out for the most is exactly the unprecedented level of anonymity it offers, the strength of which is unmatched by any other online currency available out there. Dash is constantly in the process of development and upgrading by Mr. Duffield. As of yet, it has not received wide acceptance in the sphere of many businesses but still a respectable number of different companies work with it. What is more important is the fact that its value as an online currency is right now one of the highest. Another very special feature of Dashcoin is its so-called Darksend system, which is responsible for the completely untraceable nature of all the transactions made via Dash coins. This ability is made possible through special computers, collectively called Masternodes which can gather and process multiple transactions simultaneously and that makes it impossible for third party observers to distinguish which amount belongs to which person.

In order to additionally protect their identity, players can request for additional levels of transaction mixing so that it can be even more difficult for their coins to be detected in any way. This particular system, which heavily emphasizes on personal security and safety removes the necessity for a publicly free ledger. All that being said, Dashcoin doesn’t really provide flawless and complete anonymity. Naturally, if the government decides to investigate an individual, it can easily get all the details it needs simply through the vast resources and talent it has at its disposal. Dash also uses the X11 algorithm, which comes as a great help to all the users, which are using less advanced hardware in order to successfully secure the validity of transactions. X11 uses just 70 percent of the power that most cryptocurrencies need and adds energy-efficiency to the long list of Dash’s advantages. Some of the future plans for the currency’s further development include upgrades on the cryptocurrency’s anonymity’s capabilities, its instant payment options and additional features, which will be beneficial for users. Dashcoin’s value has recently doubled in size due to its popularity and usefulness and in deed it is a great choice for gamblers who prioritize the preservation of their incognito status as they make their fortune through various online casinos and games.

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