The cryptocurrency Digibyte started with very little. Initially, it had a small fan community but that changed after the Digishield system, which is also used by Dogecoin, was created. It protects the currency from sudden inflation. Every 60 seconds certain difficulties are targeted by the system, which ultimately leads to the maintenance of the vital balance of the online currency exchange rates. Many communities have praised Digibyte for its highly professional team of creators, every member of which is constantly breaking a sweat to ensure the very best options and features available for the users of the currency. Digibyte is featured on 9 online currency exchanges, has 14 mining pools and is in possession of a total planned capacity of 21 billion. These impressive numbers are making a lot of potential investors believe that Digibyte is indeed the next big thing with all the opportunities it provides. The percentage increase of the coin in terms of day trading is 150 percent (17 million in US dollars). It is the fastest moving cryptocurrency online right now but the place where it displays its abilities the best right now is possibly Poloniex, where users are going absolutely crazy over it. Many analysts have always been quick to make great claims about Digibyte’s impressive statistics for future weeks. It is highly likely that Digybite will meet or surpass the high expectations very soon because right now there are numerous investors who need to boost their earnings using a lower priced to volume metric, like the one that Digibyte offers.

The coin’s value is approaching half a penny according to the daily trades and it might reach a penny any time now and who knows in time it might even aim for the 5 cent mark. DigiByte transactions are usually confirmed after an average estimated time of one and a half minutes. Notifications come after 1 to 3 seconds. DigiByte is capable of processing more than 280 transactions in a single second and ever since 2015, that number has likely been doubled. The transaction limit for a single second can reach several thousands. The currency also stands out with a considerably lower price, a bigger number of micro transactions and a more stable price. Digibyte can also upgrade its features in a much speedier way than most of its counterpart online currencies. For more information, visit Digibyte’s official website in order to learn how to benefit from the currency’s endless, sensation-creating features.

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