Feathercoin is quite similar to the arguable king of online currencies nowadays - Bitcoin. The mining process with it happens in the exact same way and plenty of the same type of features function similarly. It is also characteristic with its hard supply limit and its choice to use P2P monitoring in order to maintain its balance. Feathercoin is utilizing a Scrypt-type algorithm, meaning that ASIC users do not overwhelm GPU miners and this is a very important advantage and a step towards a greater level of fairness. Bitcoin’s rules favor those who are in possession of expensive hardware, while Feathercoin not only gives GPU users a chance but it also equalizes their chances. Feathercoin is generating a block every 2 and a half minutes, which is the result of Feathercoin’s creators’ belief that a greater supply and a bigger limit will cement the cryptocurrency’s worldwide use and its respectable position. Many people expect that Bitcoin will get to be replaced in the not too distant future by another currency as the world leader, such as Feathercoin simply because of the insufficient number of Bitcoins being produced.

Feathercoin has the so-called Advanced Checkpointing feature, which allows the monitoring of all the online currency’s transactions in order to prevent various potential weaknesses in the system such as being susceptible to a 51 percent attack, the type of which would allow a miner to double spend coins. Payments with Feathercoin happen at a terrific speed; they are safe, secure and can be made on a worldwide scale. Although there are some fees attached to every transaction and every funds movement, they are so tiny that they can hardly be considered an expense at all. Feathercoin is providing 200 coins for every block it releases. The total planned number of coins to be released is 336 million. Its value compared to other online currencies such as litecoin is rising just like its level of difficulty and those figures keep going up in an impressively quick pace. The reason for this speed is quite possibly the low difficulty of the online coin in its earliest stages, which led many users to rush to it because of the amount of freedom it was capable of providing (not that it doesn’t offer a whole array of profitable opportunities in its current state). For more information on the cryptocurrency, make sure you check out the official website. All in all, Feathercoin is increasing in both popularity and value, has great features and a large, devoted community and if you are on the search for a proper online currency, Feathercoin is certainly one of the best choices you can make right now.

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