Navcoin happens to be one of the very first cryptocurrencies that successfully managed to provide total anonymity for its users. The transactions made with this online currency go through a special separation process, in which they are all randomly relocated so that they can remain impossible to identify. Simply put, in this way the recorded connection between the sender and the receiver, including IP addresses and personal information is fully lost for any and all uninvited third party observers. The cryptocurrency is a mix of Proof of Stake and Proof of Work systems and apart from the great level of security it provides, it constantly makes sure that all the transactions are being processed in an environment that can’t be breached. Furthermore, the transactions are being separated in pieces, which get scattered on a number of blocks with a deliberately set up time intervals, which confuses detection methods even more. Later on, these “pieces” are stitched back together and then several copies of each transaction are made. So you can see that the masters from Navcoin have designed a spectacular system which first and foremost takes care of your personal information and the safety of your trade.

Navcoin employs a completely decentralized system, which provides the user with the ability to fully control his or her finances, while being concealed from the rest of the online world. Furthermore, Navcoin offers users the chance to decide what the charge affiliated with their transactions will be, which could greatly benefit their financial status. With most cryptocurrencies, comforts such as high level of privacy or safety come at the price of speed but that compromise is eliminated with Navcoin. With it, transactions don’t take more than a few seconds. With speed, value and privacy of such high quality, Navcoin is indeed one of the best choices an online trader can make nowadays. The currency’s wallets have a special stacking mode, which offers the advantage of a 5 percent bonus, which also comes with a lesser amount of CPU power usage. All of these generous features have gradually transformed the NAV online coin into a notorious online payment method ever since its creation in 2014. Nowadays, countless users are counting on it to make a fortune on the Internet and in 2016 it proved to be the third best cryptocurrency. Future plans for it include the merger with Subchain and the creation of a brand new wallet and with it-another fresh system, which will be even more improved and stuffed with profitable opportunities.