PivX, which is partly an abbreviation for Private Instant Verified Transaction, is a cryptocurrency that is aimed at preserving users’ privacy, that has a decentralized leadership, and open source code and is in possession of a superb, helpful community which includes various entrepreneurs and researchers. PivX users are invited to vote on every change and every decision made by the currency’s developers which bands the fans of this coin together and inspires them to work as one to better PivX every day. Furthermore, the community offers immediate assistance should a problem arise and they provide non-stop advice and support and plenty of its members have stated that they have learned a lot after joining it. Currently, one PivX is worth just below 2 dollars. The Market Cap of the currency is 105 million with a 24-hour volume of 870 000 dollars and a current circulating supply of 53 million coins.

The currency provides it players with a satisfactory mix of financial comfort and personal security. It is available on bittrex.com where it can be exchanged with others. It is also distinguishable with its exceptional, almost instant quick processing of the transactions and its profitable POS staking features. The development team are constantly coming up with new updates and ideas that garner more and more fans and are simultaneously making its current followers richer. The design of the currency is also very likable, accessible and easy to use for newcomers. Furthermore, PivX is very easy to trade. So, with all those advantages the logical question comes to mind: Why isn’t PivX the next big thing on the online market when it is getting rave reviews by users and has such a distinguished community? The answer is that if there is one disadvantage to PivX it is the fact that it isn’t particularly popular when it all started and that’s why it has not received wide acceptance throughout the online world. For instance, many famous websites such as Poloniex don’t have it as a payment option yet. A big part of the reason for this lack of influence and distribution is the fact that PivX is known as a “Dash fork”, meaning that it is familiar to a lot of people just as another subversion of Dashcoin, when in fact it is extremely different and offers a wide variety of its own profitable features. Regardless, it is only a matter of time before PivX is accepted as a separate coin and starts getting appreciated for its countless uses and if you can survive its temporary lack of fame, investing in it will be a very smart move on your behalf.