As humorous as it may seem, the meaning behind the name of this particular online currency is exactly what it sounds like. Launched in January, 2014, Potcoin’s main goal is to assist with the legalization of cannabis by providing a simple method of online transactions. There are plenty of places all across the world that are offering legalized cannabis trade and examples of these include some US states and that has successfully turned Potcoin into a solidly developed and stable cryptocurrency. Potcoin is not only aimed at recreational cannabis but also at the medical type. The special cryptocurrency has infiltrated every level of the cannabis industry and users can profit from the online coin at all times. Potcoin’s Market Cap is 812 000 dollars for 24 Hours and the maximum number of issued coins is 420 million. It is using both Proof of Stake and Proof of Work systems as well as the Scrypt hash algorithm. It allows mining and it can be exchanged with Cryptsy, HashFlo, BitTrex, Swiss CEX and MintPal. What Potcoin really helps with is vastly easing the process of cannabis transactions. The eventual goal of the cryptocurrency’s developers is to transform Potcoin into an ever-present benchmark for every online cannabis trade, while simultaneously strengthening its worldwide community.

Accepting cannabis as a legal part of society is not a worldwide level event yet; in fact it has not fully spread over the United States even and there is a long way to go still. The states that prohibited it give Potcoin users a hard time because all sorts of problems connected to normal payments through corporations and banks and the long-time Potcoin goal of the removal of cannabis charges arise. The creators of the online coin have solid plans for its future and the potential benefits which the cryptocurrency’s users as well as general cannabis users can experience. Establishing consumer loyalty in the entire cannabis community as well as a sense of security and at the same time boosting the online currency’s trustworthiness and value stability are all Potcoin’s goals for the forthcoming months and hopefully-years. Potcoin offers a unique Merchant Program, where companies can sign up and connect their services with Potcoin. As of right now, the number of listed companies is 37. Potcoin has also established a crowd-funding campaign via potfunder.com and the financial support delivered there will be used up for medical researches. Stable, high in value, comfortable and highly supportive to every cannabis user around the world, Potcoin’s development depends on the worldwide acceptance of legal cannabis, which might be happening slowly but also surely.