Reddcoin is a cryptocurrency that went through a lot of improvement and updates during 2016 and 2017. One of these is their brand new wallet, the second version of the Core type, which is easier to handle and it is more comfortable for mass usage by Reddcoin’s followers and additionally fixed some problems with security upon its release. After that Reddcoin moved on from its affiliation with Litecoin and transformed into a “Bitcoin fork”, which allowed the currency to make the best out of numerous beneficial options. The security and popularity of this new addition to the online coin’s service allows the developers to this very day to look more boldly towards the future. The team is constantly working on a large system, consisting of various applications, which will collectively achieve the final goal of the creators-Reddcoin becoming a big, widely accepted social currency. Hard work has been put in the stability of the blockchain when it comes down to the Core wallet so that it is capable of supporting numerous applications, features and comforts. As the team tirelessly works out the logistics of every new addition, the community of Reddcoin is also encouraged to participate with the gifts of their financial talents, advices and opinions and the customer service is naturally perfectly willingand able to respond with the same.

The developers always provide special treatment to every contributor of the Reddcoin formula. That being said, the one who are prioritized by Reddcoin are those who are capable of supporting the online coin long-term in the future. The relations between the creative team and the community are very deep here; they have gone as far as making acquaintance with foreign language speaking fans of the currency in order to develop info portals for non-English speakers and as a result there are fully realized websites already set up by members from China and Italy. Reddcoin’s team is constantly updating new information on their future projects and their collaboration with the members of their community. The Reddcoin Fund Raising is encouraging fans of the currency to donate since every new research requires a certain amount so that it can be completed successfully. There are various funds, which are targeted at different departments of the team-The Development Fund, the Operations Fund and The Administration Fund. Everything that is given there will be used for the hosting of servers, the payments for various operations, the costs of advertising and various other features, from which the users of the currency will benefit. Reddcoin is a well-developing online currency with a powerful community that has been driving it forward in the right direction since day one and becoming a part of it will only strengthen your own position.

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