Unique as a cryptocurrency, Shadow or Shadowcash was derived from Bitcoin with the purpose of offering top-notch anonymity and full decentralization. This online coin is using the second version of ShadowSend’s zero-knowledge and alongside dual-key stealth and the ring signature protocol, Shadow happens to be in possession of a powerful technological combination that provides users with instant speed and complete concealment and protection of the transactions. Shadow’s management system is very comfortable for everyone. No one is in charge. The only power and obligation the developers have is to create the features, which the currency offers and make it available for the users. It is up to the users to decide exactly what features and what version of the Shadow currency they will use. The only simple condition for the successful compatibility of two accounts includes several unsophisticated software adhering steps. This is a widely known mutual agreement within the community of Shadowcoin and every member strives to honor it so that everyone can profit in equal measure. The other features of Shadowcoin include ShadowChat, ShadowCash, ShadowSend and ShadowMarket.

All of these are part of a single platform going by the name ShadowCore, which unites SDC and SDT, which are a pair of native currencies that can be transferred inside this platform. ShadowCore is deeply integrated with the rest of the features of the Shadowcoin cryptocurrency and through it users will enjoy even more liberties such as signature obfuscation, which mixes user signatures so that the actual sender can remain hidden. ShadowSend is a protocol that prioritizes security and speed, allowing a number of very generous features to unite under one name and these are dual-key stealth addresses, unlinkability, the cutting of the connections between the traders on the sending and the receiving end and ring signatures. ShadowChat is actually an encrypted communication system that is standing on the shoulders of the latest cutting edge technology so that it successfully maintains Shadow users’ privacy. The messages are guarded by the advanced AES-256-CBC algorithm, the use of which results in the unbreakable defense against any kind of hackers or attackers. ShadowChat doesn’t use passwords; it utilizes the ECDH key exchange method. ShadowMarket is a special online marketplace, where purchases and sales can be made exclusively and only with the Shadow cryptocurrency and the place will boost the currency’s liquidity, commerce and its decentralized state. To start off with Shadowcoin, you just need to get the ShadowCash wallet, acquire Shadowcash coins, start trading and then stay connected with one of the most secure and profitable online coins currently available.

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