With online casinos poised to double their profits over the next 10 years, its no surprise that more and more casinos are increasing their e banking options for their customers. One new e banking solution is UPayCard.

About UPayCard

With this service, online players from over 33 million worldwide locations where MasterCard is accepted, can fill their eWallets with deposits. UPayCard is in partnership with companies in the U.K. and its bank lender is a part of MasterCard International. In addition, it is licensed by Visa International as well.

Online users also have the ability to receive payments from business and other individuals. Likewise with UPayCard, you can send payments to businesses and individuals. Because of its association with MasterCard, you also have the ability to withdraw cash from more than a million ATMs. Wire transfers, bank account transfers, Skrill and other services are compatible with UPayCard.

How To Get A UPayCard

New users wanted this service will have to provide identification. This is imperative that this company complies with the U.K. strict laws about knowing their customers, money laundering and Counter Terrorism financing. You will also have to provide your name and address, along with a birth date, a telephone number, an email address and valid identification. UPayCard will run this info through global data bases for extra security. Once your account is setup, users will be given instant access to their accounts, along with a MasterCard number, expiration date and the security code. Even better, you don't have to wait for a plastic card to be mailed. Rest assured, UPayCard's site is secure.

About Your Accounts

Payment transfers are instant and you can use such funds immediately. Payments between accounts remain anonymous. The only requirement is that the username be displayed on receipts. Payments can be made worldwide and through different currencies. UPayCard can also be used as a gift card which you can easily send to family and friends. Please note that these gift cards can't be reused. Gift card members can easily setup their accounts with customer service and once approved, can instantly begin using their gift card. Smart phone users can receive instant updates on their accounts and it gives you the ability to alert UPayCard if your info or MasterCard has been stolen.

The Fees

The fees vary based on the setup of each account. There is a $7 fee for your first account and a $2 fee for additional accounts. There is a monthly maintenance fee of $5.95 and an inactive account fee of $3.95. If your accounts are negative, there is a $5.00 fee. Text messages with this service is $0.10. Transfers between UPayCard and MasterCard is a $1. Merchant purchases are also a $1 and $0.50 between personal accounts.

US Casinos Accept uPayCard