As it is the case with many other online currencies, the developers of Vertcoin have set up ahead of themselves the goal of battling centralized power, which puts the ability to mine in the hands of only select few, effectively damaging the coin’s value. Vertcoin employs stealth addresses, which grant the public ledger a desirable level of privacy, equal to that of an actual bank. Mobile wallets allow users to enjoy the cryptocurrency’s services on mobile devices equipped with Android and i-Operating Systems. Both the developers and the community are fully focused on keeping the currency decentralized and the creators’ team consists of highly-skilled professionals that constantly improve the online coin’s abilities and offer a customer service team that is always helpful and available. There are 5 types of Vertcoin Wallets-Windows Wallet, Mac OSX Wallet, Source Code Wallet, IOS Wallet and Web Wallet. Getting started with Vertcoin requires a couple of simple steps, as described in the main Firstly, you have to download and install the right type of Vertcoin Wallet for yourself. Then you will need to set up your address and secret key. Then you are free to start buying and commence to exchanging Vertcoin. One can quickly transform Bitcoin into Vertcoin using From that stage on users are all set and ready to make their online fortune via Vertcoin. The exchanges that support the trade of Vertcoin are Bter, Bittrex, Poloniex, ShapeShift and Bleutrade.

The algorithm embedded in Vertcoin is built so that it can obstruct advanced mining hardware as well as Multipool mining, which also makes sure that the transactions are certified by a wide network. The algorithm is called Lyra2RE (version 2). There are 84 million Vertcoin (VTC) with a block time of two and a half minutes. 50 coins for a single block is the block rewards amount. The key to maintain decentralization is to make mining available with hardware that is affordable by the regular client. This is a vital condition for the presence of fair mining and one that Vertcoin has successfully fulfilled. Vertcoin can be mined on the p2pool network and the VertcoinP2Pools. P2Pool is extremely safe, because the coins are being mined straight on the wallet itself, which averts any danger of online theft. The transaction fees and the bonus payment are well limited and the combination of them attracts a lot of potential and future miners to this cryptocurrency. Merged mining is also available to a certain degree through the Monocle coin that is exclusively made so that it can be merged-mined with Vertcoin. The combination of these present features and many other that are being developed by Vertcoin’s team will turn any investment in this online currency into a financial success.

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