Viacoin’s design provides both its developers and its general community with the freedom to experiment with the way they build their blockchain services. The cryptocurrency has garnered a lot of positive interest that has secured its place on the online market currency exchange. This online coin is in possession of the ClearingHouse protocol, which is exceptionally useful since it assists the creation of a completely decentralized exchange, the carrying out of asset tracking, digital voting, the delivery of fresh online currencies and even the formation of decentralized marketplaces. The market cap of Viacoin is 1 million dollars. The maximum number of issued coins is 92 million. It is using the Scrypt hash algorithm and generally uses a mix of the Proof of Work and Proof of Stake systems. It allows for mining and it can be exchanged with Bittrex, Swiss-CEX, Bter, Cryptsy, C-CEX, AtomicTrade and Poloniex. In much the same way Bitcoin operates, Viacoin gives its users the chance to form applications using its blockchain. The ClearingHouse protocol is exceptionally fast and is one of the best alternative software building tools an online currency can be in possession of presently.

Many online currencies right now share a similar problem: their sole function is to be an electronic payment method and lack the ability to evolve into something more, failing to incorporate fresh technology that will assist its users in more diverse ways. Viacoin is liberated from this issue precisely because of the ClearingHouse protocol that allows for development in every direction. The main developer of the cryptocurrency is BTCDRak who started in 2013, heavily inspired by Bitcoin and Mastercoin. The developers’ plans for the future include the organization of Viacoin’s distribution via presales, the launching of the Viacoin network, the blinding out of the Vicacoin services and the launching of ClearingHouse with the assistance of proof based conversion procedures. The Viacoin team needs to be praised for the exceptionally low period of time they needed in order to launch this new online currency. Essentially, the reason Viacoin is bound to be a sensation is its speed, its responsiveness and its ability to be completely discreet when it comes down to the making of transactions, which are completed nearly instantaneously, regardless of their size or their complexity. Furthermore, every past transaction goes on record as an extra security measure. Many believe that Viacoin is the future of online currencies and judging by its countless generous features and its flawless emphasis on equality among users, safety and speed, they are probably right.

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