ZCash is a cryptocurrency that is well-known for being the first fully open, unrestricted by special permissions online coin, which is fully capable of safeguarding users’ account privacy during transactions by utilizing the so-called zero-knowledge cryptography. ZCash is decentralized and is composed of an open-source code. Both the sender and the recipient receive excellent protection and alongside the value of the blockchain, they remain perfectly hidden to any outside interactions, detections or observations. What ZCash is known to be specializing in is the preservation of safety of the online funds that are travelling from one account to another. The trick for one online currency to be able to be exchanged with another is to sever its connections from its blockchains history. Once this is accomplished with both currencies on the two sides of the deal, all is set and that’s exactly the type of service that ZCash provides. Zero-knowledge proofs is vastly upgrading the technology that is being applied to the process of blockchain building. They basically grant online traders the ability to validate transactions that are otherwise specifically encrypted as a manner of protection. This innovation is bound to lead to a whole new kind of extremely comfortable blockchain uses.

Naturally, the Internet is an inherently insecure place for important online currency fund exchanges, regardless if the traders are just individual traders or big corporations and that is why the general way of handling transactions is to keep it fully confidential. ZCash however, allows for the trade to commence via a public blockchain but at the same time remain completely safe or simply put-less hassle, same result. ZCash came to life when the developing team at ZECC put together the ZCash protocol, consisting of the creators of Zerocash, most of those of Zerocoin and some big figures from zk-SNARK. ZECC’s team is persistent in their statements that they are not ‘’in charge’’ but are rather just a part of the great community of ZCash and as any other user group they are contributing in their own way. The fact is that Zerocoin Electric Coin Company actually doesn’t have control over mining the currency or distributing it and isn’t in possession of any kind of special privileges over the rest of the users. What it can do is offer updates to the system and then install them should the rest of the ZCash community approves. With a developing team that is fully devoted to the progressive and fair development of the currency and a surrounding community filled with devoted enthusiasts, choosing ZCash for the handling of your online transactions would be a great and logical choice.

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