Do You Know Who Spun It?

With a title like that, you have to guess this is a slot game based on the idea of a whodunit. This is a true murder mystery game, and it features various different elements, such as clue spins, detective mode, evidence clues and finally the murder to be solved. With a top prize of 320,500 credits on offer, there is definitely plenty to keep you interested in this game. Let’s check out the clues now, shall we?

How many reels and paylines does Who Spun It? have?

There are 30 lines in action here, and five reels in all. You should bet on all 30 lines to start the investigation.

What could you bet on this online slot?

Many games have a two-cent minimum line bet, and a max bet of a dollar per line. This is one of them. You can also choose to up your bet to as many as five coins per line.

Does Who Spun It? have any special symbols?

Yes – every symbol is a character, setting or clue. This game is very different from others. There is a Clue Collection, for example, and there are three levels to this. Each level features five different clues to be found. They relate to the location, the murder weapon and the culprit. Each level requires you to get five clue points to advance to the next one. Two or more evidence symbols can appear to provide a scatter win, so watch out for that. The wild symbol is the word wild appearing in gold.

Is there a bonus level?

Yes. There is an evidence symbol that can appear on the center position of the screen. This will unlock a bonus round. Here, you get to select a potential murderer and interrogate them. Do well, and you will win bonus credits. You can also win free spins if you get all five characters on the reels together, with one on each reel. If this is achieved, you will win 10 free spins. Each suspect can provide you with a bonus perk during this round, so choose one of them and play the spins.

Download and play Who Spun It? slots today!

As you can see, this is far from your average slot game. With clues to look for, timed sections of gameplay before detective mode is entered, and much more besides, you can enjoy some great features and a good story too. Will you find the murderer in Who Spun It?