Fast & Sexy Slots

What if you were to replace Vin Diesel and The Rock with several hot women in the Fast & Furious franchise? This is the concept behind Fast & Sexy, a 5-reel, 20-line slot machine that's about street racing.

Fast & Sexy is supposed to be a full-throttle adventure that gets your heart pumping. But but does this slot live up to the image it presents? Find out as we cover Fast & Sexy's symbols, atmosphere, special features, and betting options.

Symbols & Atmosphere

If nothing else, this game presents a unique atmosphere based on fast street-racing cars. The 5 reels are fashioned into a high-performance car with five wheels (reels).

When you choose the spin button, you'll see flames shoot out of each side of the reels and move forward as if it's taking off. The reels also begin spinning like they're wheels moving on a car. You'll see the surroundings blur to create the effect that you're whizzing through the streets.

We really like what Fast & Sexy has done with regard to fashioning everything into a street racing scene. Our only complaint is that the car and reels are really small in comparison to the entire screen.

Symbols include four different female racers, a wild icon, blue-haired racer (free games), black-haired racer racer (bonus games), A, K, Q, J, and 10. The wild icon offers the most money, paying 10,000 coins for five symbols. The wild icon also expands to fill the entire reel when appearing in reel 3, and it offers a free re-spin when landing in reel 4.

The biggest letdown of this game is the symbol graphics. Not only are they small like the reels, but they're also not very detailed either. We don't get why the symbols don't have better graphics given how good each symbol looks in the pay table.

Fast & Sexy Slots Special Feature - Racing Bonus & Free Spins

You trigger free spins when landing 3 or more blue-haired racers anywhere on the reels. This gives you 10 free spins along with a 2x multiplier on all wins.

You can also the launch a bonus game by landing three or more black-haired racers anywhere on the reels. You then pick one of three cars, which feature variable speeds and multipliers. The goal is to choose the car that wins the race and offers you the highest payout. The best-possible prize is worth 300x your bet.

Betting Options

The 20 pay lines in this game are fixed, but you can change your overall wager from $0.20 to $200 per spin. Another betting option includes the ability to autoplay the reels for anywhere from 5 to infinity spins.

Choosing the small box in the upper-left-hand corner gives you the chance to look at the pay table and adjust gameplay options. The latter includes sound effects, game music, and graphics adjustments. We highly suggest that you change graphics from low (default) to high because they're not great to begin with.

Final Thoughts on Fast & Sexy

Fast & Sexy does a good job of presenting a slot that's true to street racing. This game offers reels that are fashioned into a race car, and you feel like the car is moving every time you spin the reels. We also enjoy the bonus game, which sees you pick a car and race towards prizes.

Downsides include the size of the reels and symbol graphics. Even on the high graphics setting, we weren't impressed. But if you can overlook the subpar visuals, then you'll find a decent online slot underneath.