Grande Vegas Casino pulls a rabbit out of the hat with New Multi Slot Technology

At last! It's here. The super, new technology that allows playing more than one game simultaneously. Grande Vegas Casino has done it again by launching this great feature.

To celebrate the introduction of Multi Slot Technology, Grande Vegas Casino is offering a one off, 250% (up to $250) Bonus for trying out this great new technological marvel. This special, introductory offer is available until the end of May, so don't waste time thinking about it, do it! Give it a try and you will experience double or triple the thrills of one game. Can you handle it?

This great feature opens up doors until now closed. Breaking new ground in the process, gone are the days when you need to wait for one game to finish to try another. The concept appeals to many players. Some who just want to play two (or three) games at the same time and others simply wanting to switch from one to the other. This novel concept finally offers this.

Grande Vegas manager Robert Miller recently commented, "It's great that the programmers came up with this way to give players the option." A player who recently tried this great feature commented thus; "I quite often use auto-spin to just keep those reels grinding. I personally think that's how you beat the odds,". Another commented; "It's great to be able to keep my eye on two or three games. But when one starts really winning you can bet it'll get my undivided attention!"

What is sure is that this new technology is kicking up a dust storm and winning new fans by the minute. The sheer excitement of playing more than one game at the same time means you get much more happening onscreen and it amplifies the excitement. It also increases your chances of winning not to forget. If you have, say three games going on and you are losing on two of them, a win on the third can offset and supersede the loses on the former two. Or, imagine winning on two at the same time! Will you manage to keep abreast with both? Good question and it may very well happen.

To claim your MultiSlot Bonus (250% up to $250), use this Coupon code: MULTISLOT 30X wagering requirement. The special offer is available until May 31, 2017.

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