Pixiu Slots

Pixiu Slots is a thrilling gambling experience, provided by Arrow's Edge. It is distinguishable in all of its aspects – from gameplay to it looks, as well as its profitable rewards. The background of the reels represents a beautiful landscape, high in a misty mountain in Asia, with a temple on two stories built on top of it. The rocks are covered with scarce vegetation and there is a fully animated waterfall. The temple is so high that you can notice that the clouds across the beautiful sky are on the same level as the mystical structure. Every now and then there are birds flying right by it from each direction. The reels themselves are full of movement and life as well. All the symbols have unique animations of their own as well exquisitely polished looks. The game has 3 reels, 3 rows and 5 paylines surrounded by a pair of scarlet columns, each of which has a thin golden dragon twisted around it. The game's title has a distinctly Asian font. The total bet varies from 10 cents to 250 dollars. One can also notice that there are 3 Jackpot values just above the reels – the Cash Grab one, the Mystery One and the Super Slots one. Just under the Super Slots Jackpot window, there is also a Level indicator that is connected with one of the more fascinating features of the game.

Pixiu Payouts

There are 8 paying symbols on the game's paytable. The highest paying one is the bearded, scarlet dragon and it is the only symbol that offers 3 winning combinations from 1 to 3 matching symbols, paying 2 coins for 1 symbol, 5 coins for 2 symbols and 2000 coins for 3 symbols. The rest of the symbols just have a single, triple symbol winning combination each. The even older-looking blue dragon, with the even bigger beard, pays 1000 coins. The gorgeously colored bird, bearing brown and ochre shades grants 100 coins. The phoenix symbol gives 40 coins. The golden ring with the emerald stone in it offers 30 coins. The Ace card symbol provides players with 20 coins. The King and the Queen both deliver 10 coins each.

Pixiu's Original Features

The most innovative feature of Pixiu involves the so-called Levels and Level Counter, visible on the main screen. The rules are very simple-after each 25 spins, the player will advance with one level and every level will deliver bigger awards and so on until Level 4 (Spin 76). The advantages of this Level System are as follows: the chances of players when playing bonus games increases, the maximum free spins number increases to 25 and the amount of the bonus earnings increases. That indicator just above the reels displays the current Level number. Another very original feature is the so-called Feature Selector, which gives the player the opportunity to choose between 3 bonuses – a bonus amount prize, a bonus round or free spins. The Feature Selector can be activated if 3 of the special Chinese Gold Coin symbols show up on the reels.

Free Spins and Bonuses of the Cute Dragon

The number of free spins is dependent on the level during which the free spins feature has been activated. Level 1 brings 10 free spins, Level 2 delivers 15 free spins, Level 3 grants 20 free spins and Level 4 provides the player with 25 free spins. You will notice that the two pillars that surround the reels will turn green when the free spins start. The bonus round is called "Jade and Gold Bonus". The bonus screen depicts the adorable and very beautiful red dragon with his four legs on the ground, almost like a puppy, standing in between two chests, one full of golden jewelry and the other - filled with emerald one. The interior design of the room is beautifully crafted with symbols decorating the marble floor and stylish windows on the wall. Most importantly – there are 4 Jade coins and 4 gold coins on the two sides of the dragon. One of these 8 coins will have to be selected. Each coin can either deliver a prize, which will make the scarlet, fluffy dragon, who is by the way carrying the name of the game – Pixiu, grow larger or it can turn into stone, which will unfortunately end the bonus game. The chances of a positive outcome increase with the number of the Levels to the point where the chances at Level 4 are at the maximum possible limit. This is a terrific Arrow's Edge product and so Pixiu joins the ranks of other great slot games by this excellent provider such as the recent greats – Chocolate Slots, Licence to Spin Slots, Zimba and Friends Slots, 4th and Goal slots, Time Bender Slots, Chief Wars Slots and Around the World Slots. Pixiu offers a gorgeous visual design, entertaining gameplay, suitably balanced payouts and engrossing bonus features, which will allow you to have a great and lengthy gambling experience.