Triple 10X Wild Slots

While sevens have a long history of being lucky, the new big boy in town is the number 10, specifically speaking in the form of Triple 10X Wild.

About Triple 10X Wild

Developed by world renown, casino game giant, Wager Gaming Software, Triple 10X Wild, is a traditional slot game that comes with 3 reels and a single pay line, that contains all the fun and wild wins you need. The main aspect of this game are the staggering large, winning multipliers that can be obtained. Not one, but two wild symbols are available. One wild comes with a 3 times multiplier and the second wild features a 10 times, winning multiplier. And if you score these wild symbols in tandem with other symbols, the winning multiplier can range between nine to 30 times.

The other symbols in this bold, and rewarding slot are red sevens, bells, stacks of cash, bars, strawberries, and the wild symbols, 3x and 10x. Landing two wild symbols boosts a winning combination 9 times. And if you mange to get both the 3x and a 10x wild symbol on the pay line, then the winning multiplier truly becomes a wild one by a factor of 30. The red sevens represent the second highest paying icon. Depending on the number of coins you wagered, will determine the coins you will win. A group of three on a single coin bet, pay outs 50 coins. This will double to 100 with a two coin wager, and it will triple to 150 coins, if you've wagered the maximum. The bells are the third highest paying symbol. They will payout between 25 to 75 coins.

If you're ready to get truly wild then all you need is a penny to get the wild reels spinning. Players can place their bets manually or have them setup in a sequence through auto play. You can also pull the side crank to play single credits. It is important to note that there is no progressive jackpot, but it does come with a top amount of 30,000 coins.

Triple 10X Wild comes optimized for both desktop and mobile device players. This title can be enjoyed instantly online, or downloaded to your personal computer or preferred mobile device, right in the palm of your hand, at many online casinos.