Play in the Big Money and Power Leagues With World Leaders Slots

There are many good reasons why a lot of people want to become successful and influential rulers of the world's biggest countries. Powerful world leaders not only get to make all the important decision. They are also known to live very luxurious lives, and they greatly benefit from a range of exclusive privileges. This high class society might seem far away or even unreachable for you at this moment. But that idea is definitely about to change when you start to enjoy your very own exclusive privileges and luxuries thanks to the great World Leaders Slots from leading casino game software developer Arrow's Edge. This is a 18 fixed pay line and 5 reel online slot machine that pulls you directly into the circle of some familiar world leading hotshots. It is up to you to become as rich and powerful as them, and three special wild icons will help you to achieve that goal. These three wild attributes represent some of the most prominent countries on the world stage. The alluring Russia, US and Britain themed icons can lead you to sizable cash profits. Play the game of politics like a pro and the heads of state will offer you some truly amazing gifts. However, realize that things get even better if you manage to get your hands on the three available progressive jackpots for this slot machine game. These jackpots are the absolute leaders among casino cash prizes and they are your best entrance tickets to the super high society club.

Benefit From Three of the Most Powerful Wild Icons in the World

This slot title boasts a total of three attractive wild attributes. A golden eagle is the symbol for the US. A crown is the mark of Britain, and the bear stands for Russia. Spin the slot machine reel 25 times to activate any of these iconic wild logos. During the activation process, a spinning globe shows up on the game screen. In order to select the special icon, you need to click on this globe so that it stops spinning and reveals the wild. Various bonus features can then be activated. The British crown duplicates on the slot machine reels to enhance your payout opportunities. The Russian bear is attached to special free re-spins. During each spin, this wild bear moves more to the left. The US golden eagle is an expanding wild that lets you form a lot of winning extra combinations. When you've collected your winnings and the special wild feature is finished, you can activate it again after another set of 25 slot reel spins.

Who Is Going to Be Your Ally During the Special Bonus Round

The special bonus round is launched when you manage to land at least three scatter telephone icons on the slot reel screen. When that happens, you get to see an additional game screen with four leaders and twelve red telephones. Each of the four heads of state are more than willing to give you a lucrative cash prize when you give them a call. Get on the phone with multiple rulers to greatly accumulate your cash gifts. You will end the bonus feature when you've had a total of three conversations with a single leader.

Receive Three Exclusive Progressive Jackpots That Are the True Leaders Among Prizes

World Leaders Slots does not only offer some juicy fixed cash payouts. This slot machine also gives you the opportunity to randomly win a total of three progressive jackpots. They are the true leaders among cash prizes, and they come in the form of the cash grab jackpot, the mystery jackpot and the super slots jackpot. You will have the biggest chance to win the cash grab jackpot, and it will give you a cash prize in the range of $2000 to $5000. The mystery jackpot pays out when it hits the grand total of $10000. The super slots jackpot hands out the biggest cash prize, which pays out in the margins of $40000 to $45000.

Rule the World and the Slot Machine Reels via Your Mobile Device

World Leaders Slots is a mobile friendly slot machine game. That is great, because that means it will give you to the golden opportunity to rule the whole world and the slot reels at any location and at any given moment. Join the exclusive high society circle whenever you have some free time on the go, and claim your very own rich elite status.

Grab You Chance to Rule the World and Become Very Rich During the Process

Grab your once in a lifetime opportunity to rule the whole world and become extraordinary rich during the process. The innovative World Leaders Slots game from producer Arrow's Edge is a unique casino entertainment title that lets you get in contact with some of the world's most powerful elites. These elite make a lot of important decisions, and now it is your turn as well to make one. Will you live the life of a spectator or do you want to play with the big boys and girls in one of the hottest new games in internet casinos? If you're a born leader, then the choice is of course simple. Quickly head over to an Arrow's Edge powered gambling platform like Drake Casino, and take your place at the tables of a high society group that gets to decide to rules and claim the riches. And if you're more into politics for ideological reasons instead of fortune enhancing opportunities, then you can always choose to play for free in the fun mode. But whatever your choice will be, you have the world at your feet in the magnificent World Leaders Slots.