Yakuza Slots

It seems like Slots that have a rough-and-Tumblr gangster theme always do well once they’re unveiled to the gaming public. Much like the award-winning Slotfather Slots, Yakuza Slots takes you on a spin through the seedy underground world of organized crime – except this time; it’s into the deadly world of the Japanese Yakuza. Their roots go back even further than the Italian Mafia, and their hold on the criminal underground is at least as deep as their Mediterranean counterparts.

Game Details for Yakuza Slots

Yakuza Slots is a 5 reel, 25 payline standard-sized Slot that features the struggle between a lead detective and the criminal organization. The Yakuza head honcho has tons of minions at his disposal, and the soldiers come in droves to stop you from getting the cash and prizes that are your due in the game. Using you trusty sidearm, you’ve got to take them out by spinning the reels and grabbing the cash that comes your way. Yakuza Slots is a Progressive, so the top amount can be huge, indeed. Of course, you’ve got help in this endeavor: there are Re-Spins to help you capture the Bonus Symbols in the right order, which can deliver up to a thousand coins in a single payout in many cases. The double Progressive Jackpots are the Super Slots Jackpot and the Mystery Jackpot. The latter pays out a cool $10,000 once a winner is decided upon – it is actually triggered the moment the tally reaches $10,000. This is the “little” pot; the big Progressive is the Super Slots Jackpot – it delivers a useful $45,000 to a single lucky detective.

Yakuza Bonus

The symbol you want to be on the lookout for is the sword symbol, as it delivers the fabled Re-spins that can put so much cash in your pockets. It is the Wild or Substitute symbol, and is capable of supplanting every other symbol on the board except for the Yakuza Scatter, to ensure that you get a winning combination. If you can manage to get a triple of a certain Yakuza minion on the screen, then you’re whisked away to a Bonus Round that has a nifty trick for winning big: it depends on whether you choose the Loyalist gangster, the Lead Traitor or the Mole – the actual cash payout depends on which of these you choose. To find out more, head n over to your favorite online casino and try this great Slot from Arrow’s Edge – they’ve spared no expense in making it a great one for their many fans.