Spinfinity Casino

There are many ways to go for a spin. You can take your car out for a spin, you can go for a spin in the park, but the newest and best way to go for a spin now, goes by the name of Spinfinity Casino, a brand new, online casino that brings all the pomp and circumstance and then some, right to your computer screen, or if you are playing mobile, right in the palm of your hand. They bring all the important highlights and then some, with their special slate of games. When it comes to the games, you have none other than Real Time Gaming to thank for that.

Real Time Gaming is the name of one of the most prestigious, and dare we say, powerful game engine in the online casino world. When it comes to Real Time Gaming, you can expect nothing but the best, in gaming excellence. When it comes to their slot games, which we will be talking about in great detail in this article, they put the punch in the five reel games. They also deliver high quality three reel games, along with some stellar six reel games.

They also produce some great table games which we will also talk about in length here too. What's important to note that, Real Time Gaming, brings it all home with these games, thanks to the power of the flash engine. Flash is the special technology that makes these powerful games even possible for you to play here at Spinfinity Casino. Flash preserves the graphical details of the game with next to no loss. Flash also makes it possible for you to play the games either on your desktop, laptop, or the mobile device of your choice.

The Lobby Awaits

Spinfinity lays it all out there when it comes to the games. But before you can get to them, you will need to get into the lobby. Getting into the lobby is a breeze. All you have to do is login, and you will be brought to the screen for all the magic to happen.

Who is Welcome

Spinfinity Casino, even in its beginnings, is already drawing worldwide appeal and followers. Players from America, Canada, and some European countries, are more than welcome to sign up and become members here. Players hailing from Australia and parts of the UK, are not welcome to become members at this time.

Spin The Games Away

There are over 150 games at your disposal, here at Spinfinity Casino. The majority of the games here falls into the slot category. We will talk in depth about the slot games, but this is the perfect time to shine a light on the great table games as well as the specialty games awaiting you. Classic blackjack, makes its mark here, as well as other variations of blackjack games. Some of the other blackjack games worth talking about, includes Blackjack perfect pairs, European blackjack and so many more.

There is even an entire slate of non blackjack games. We are talking about the likes of poker fan favorites like Pontoon, Pai Gow Poker, and Tri Card Poker. There are even more poker titles available as well. But there is still a whole lot more when it comes to poker. If you can't get enough of poker, then join the club with the likes of an entire video poker section. That's right. Spinfinity Casino puts the extra spin on many of your poker favorites, including Aces And Eights, Loose Deuces and Bonus Poker. Going the extra mile, there are multi hand versions of this game too. But there is still more to the table games. You of course have American and European roulette. The object of these games is to decide which number the ball is going to fall on, or what color it is going to land on. Baccarat is another option here when it comes to the table games.

And when it comes to the specialty games, there are many here for you to enjoy too. Keno is a highly popular option here. Keno, for those who aren't familiar with it, is sort of a lottery like game, where you get to pick a series of numbers. Later, at a random date, up to 20 numbers will be drawn. In addition to that, you have craps. Craps is the time old game, that is all about luck and the flick of the wrists. You will need to make your wager on whether or not it will hit a certain number.

There is also the treasure tree scratch card for a specialty game here. The game play is quite simple, you are in search of many money bags that are sprawled throughout the forest. You also have the quite entertaining game, Banana Jones, where you must choose your spots on the snake that you wish to land on, for your rewards.

The Almighty Slot Games

Have no illusion, the slot games rule the roost here at Spinfinity Casino. The slot games comes in many different forms and variety. For example, you have a robust three reel section. While there aren't as many three reel games, it would be a mistake not to talk about them. One such game that stands out, continues to be 777 Slots. The full power of the number seven is on display. Although it only has one pay line, one pay line is all you need to truly understand the magnificence of the number seven. The game play and the icons, are all state of the art. To give you the feeling that you are in an actual casino, you will hear the victorious sounds of slot machines to go along with human chatter.

The main cards is of course the number sevens, which is good for 100 credits. That is followed up by the triple bars that comes in for 40 credits. You have the double bars for 20 credits. The single credit will reward you with 10 credits. But the real jewel in this game, are the cards and the gold coins. There are three different modes for you to make your wager, concerning the games. The first one involves the normal bet where the cards and gold coins can payout up to 1,000 times your bet. You also have the high bet which will pay you 1,680 times your bet. And you have super bet which can deliver the progressive jackpot. There is also a hold feature that can lead to that many more wins for you.

The full power of the number seven has only just begun. There is also the three reel slot gem, Sevens And Stripes. If you are feeling patriotic, then this is the game for you, for the red, white and blue are all making their way onto the reels. This is a bare bones, three coin game, but you stand to seriously win. The number of coins you wager will determine your prize. The mixed number sevens off a single coin wager is good for 2,400 credits. A two coin wager adds up to 4,800 coins, while a full three coin wager will bring home the progressive jackpot for you.

The red sevens will do nicely too with rewarding you from 1,199 credits all the way up to 5,000 credits if you are wagering three coins. The white and the blue sevens will pay out nicely too, ranging from 600 to 300 credits for a full, three coin wager.

If you are into comedy, then keep the memory and the spirit alive for The Three Stooges. This is actually part two that puts the spotlight back on, Larry, Curly and Moe. Even though this is a three reel game, there are a lot of bonus rounds to consider and fall in love with. For example, Larry provides a series of free spins, ranging from 7 games all the way to 20 games with some great winning multipliers. When it comes to Moe's Moolah, the free spins can reach all the way up to 100 with a 10 times winning multiplier.

But the real staple of slot games, lies with their great five reel games. You are going to learn very quickly that Spinfinity Casino in tandem with Real Time Gaming, provides many great games from a wide variety of genres.

You will no doubt fall in love with the Asian genre of games, for they are many and they provide some serious rewards. If you fancy yourself a soldier, then step into the battlefield of ancient China, when it comes to Zhanshi Slots. The graphics in this game are so vivid, so real. There is a strong ambiance to the game, including the wind blowing the flag in the background. The game play happens right in the middle of the battlefield, to the tune of an epic soundtrack. It is only proper that the mighty Zhanshi himself is the main wild in the game. When he falls, he will double your wins. He will also deliver the top regular game amount of 10,000 credits for all five of him on the pay line. The number of scatters that you get to land on the reels will greatly impact your winning combinations.

But the full power of Zhanshi lies in the free spins round. Three of the Zhanshi warriors will also put you into the free spins round where you will play with 25 of them to go with a triple winning multiplier.

The allure of Asian themed games even extends to Chinese Folklore. Specifically, Caishen, the Chinese Folklore God, is the subject of many Asian themed games that continues to be some of the best and top games to play here. One of the games in his honor, is The God Of Wealth. This super duper five reel game is all about the God Of Wealth. The game play happens right in the middle of a tranquil and colorful garden that is full of complete bliss. There is a nice, soothing soundtrack to accompany the game. The wild symbol in the game consists of the God Of Wealth himself. When he lands on the pay line, he will double your wins. He will also payout the top amount of 10,000 credits for all five of him on the pay line.

The gold ingot is the scatter symbol. This is also the key to playing in the free spins round. You will play with a strong compliment of free spins with the chance to earn more. There are many high paying icons in Caishen's honor, including the dragon which will impact the reels with 5,000 credits for five of it on the pay line. The tiger will reward you with 2,500 credits.

When it comes to Cai Hong, the God of wealth is back for more. The beautiful pageantry continues to occur right in the beautiful, blue sky. There is also a captivating soundtrack to go with the game. Cai Hong, once more is the wild symbol in the game, once more doubling your wins when he lands on the reels. The top amount of 10,000 credits will be yours when all five of him, falls on the pay line. A lot of the characters are animals, the kind you associate with Chinese culture. The free spins are pretty potent as well. You can play up to 33 free spins with the chance of getting a winning multiplier as high as 15 times.

The power of the slot games also happens in the world of fantasy. Experience the full might and awesome world of Valhalla, when it comes to Asgard, a dynamite, five reel game that puts you right in the thick of things of the famous and revered, Norse Gods. There are a lot of things to like about this interesting slot game, starting with the heavenly and inspirational soundtrack that comes with it.

There are two wild symbols in the game. The main wild will of course double your wins when it falls on the pay line. The dark wild will only fall under special circumstances. There are many bonus features to like about Asgard slots, beginning with the thunderbolt feature. This is only a glimpse of the mighty Thor's power. With this feature, certain reels are held in place while other reels are spun for your rewards. And when it comes to the free spins, we've only just begun. The free spins kicks off with the lovely Valkyrie. This beautiful sword woman, will deliver 15 free spins with a triple winning multiplier. You can also move to re trigger these free spins too.

You then have the Loki, dark series of free spins which starts you off with 20 of them. It is in this bonus round that the dark wilds will land on the third reel to reveal your reward. You can also re trigger this bonus round too. Thor enters back in the game with 25 free spins. This time, he offers the prospect of combined winning multipliers to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. And for the grand finale, Odin, the all father, delivers with a divine 30 free spins with the prospect of morphing icons to further add to your wins.

But the power of slot games, even goes into the world of the supernatural. We are talking of course, none other than Bubble Bubble and the pleasantly frightful sequel, Bubble Bubble 2. In the first game, you will meet the lovely Wanda the witch who is not like any other witch you have ever met. When Wanda falls on the pay line, she will triple your wins. She will also serve as an expanding wild too when she lands on certain reels.

There are many great icons to love in this games. The black cat along with the crow, will pay you up to 1,000 credits. And don't forget that, when Winnie lands on the reels, she will triple your wins. But the gem of this game, are the numerous bonus rounds that are waiting for you. The first bonus round consists of great ghosts feature, where you will play with 20 free spins and up to 9 wild ghosts, being added to the reels. The great thing about this game, is that you can amass more free spins. After this, you have the Winnie feature. In this scenario, she can turn multiple reels wild when she falls on the pay line. You then have the bewitched bonus round where Winnie can serve as an expanding wild on the game screen.

When it comes to the sequel, Winnie is back, and this time, she is joined by the equally talented Wanda. Both of these darlings will serve as wild symbols, meaning that they will triple winning combinations. And if both should land along with like symbols, the win can go as high as nine times. They will also act as an expanding wild on top of that.

The main bonus rounds are back, bigger and better than ever as well. Once more, the great ghosts bonus rounds will offer you 20 free spins with up to 9 wild ghosts added to the reels. In the witches bonus round, both Winnie and Wanda can land on the reels, turning them completely wild in their likeness. And there is the ultra bewitched feature where either witch, or together, will and on the reels as expanding wilds for even bigger and better wins.

The power of the slot games here at Spinfinity Casino, even extends the world of crime, where a master bank robber is ready for the biggest haul of his life. We are talking about none other than Cash Bandits, parts one and two. In the first installment, you are brought right inside the bank itself. Perhaps that is why the bank vault is the wild symbol in the game, doubling your wins when it falls. The robber himself is up for the task too, with 800 credits. The crowning glory is to crack the code to the elusive bank vaults. The bonus round will present you with a keypad to enter on the four bank vaults. The more successful you are at this, the greater the number of free spins you will play with. All in all, you can play up to 90 free spins with a winning multiplier as high as 12 times.

For the sequel, the bank robber is back for seconds. All of the great elements from the first game, carries over to the sequel. This time, you will try to make your score right outside of the bank. The wild symbol is the official game logo. As advertised, it will double your winning combinations. The bank robber this time is the game's scatter symbol. He is the key to putting you back in to the bank vault bonus round. Here, you are given a keypad again to use on the five bank vaults. The faster you crack the code, the greater the number of free spins your will play with. This time, you can play up to 190 free spins with a winning multiplier that can go up to 17 times.

Practice Indeed Makes Perfect

It should be a reoccurring theme by now, the power of the games here at Spinfinity Casino. The beauty of it is, you don't have to rush to make a real wager. Real Time Gaming has constructed their games in a way that you can preview them before making a real wager. There are still many more tremendous slot games you can preview under demo mode.

If you ever wanted to take a walk through a magical forest, now is your chance when it comes to Enchanted Garden parts one and two. Both games puts you from and center into the shoes of the famous fairy. She is the wild symbol in the game doubling your wins when she falls. And even though you are playing some practice play, that doesn't mean you still can't soak up the ambiance of the night and all the magical creatures that contribute to help you win big. There is even a free spins round where special icons are added to the background of high ranking icons to help improve your winning chances. And at the end of your journey, there is a chance that you can trigger the progressive jackpot for your efforts.

When it comes to the sequel, the fairy is back, better and more vibrant than ever. It is almost a night and day comparison between this one and the first game. The sequel even features a gnome to add to the interactive effects occurring on the reels. You can once more play your free spins with the fairy, with the special icons added to the background for your wins. There is also the fairy spins round where you can participate as a special wild. There is still the chance of you winning the progressive jackpot as well after any spin too.

If you are into mythology, then Achilles is a must practice game. This special, five reel game, will take you into the heart of the fabled Trojan war where Achilles fought and perished. He has his prints all over the game. To begin with, he is the wild symbol in the game, doubling your wins. He will also payout the top amount of 10,000 credits when he lands on the reels. Achilles will also put you in his special free spins round where certain icons will morph into Achilles or Helen icons for larger and bigger wins. Speaking of the lovely Helen, she can grace you up to 5,000 credits when she lands on the reels, but because you are playing this game in demo mode, you won't be able to collect on it though. You also have your standard free spins round that is triggered by Trojan castle icons. Here, you will play with 10 free spins.

When You Are Ready To Lay Down A Real Bet…

You will find that Spinfinity Casino has even more slot game for you to choose from. So far, we haven't discussed much about the progressive themed slot games. Not only can you win big when you play them, but you can blow the roof off with the progressive jackpots that can hit after any spin. When we get into the progressive jackpot games, we are talking about the likes of Aztec's Millions. This star studded five reel game, rolls back the clock and puts you firmly in the world of the Aztec. You can expect the chief himself to dominate the game play, for he is the wild symbol in the game. The princess also delivers with a stunning compliment of credits when she lands on the pay line. Experience the power of the Mayan civilization when it comes to the Spirit Of The Inca. This five reel game unleashes the power of this special shaman in the drums bonus round which can deliver its own set of prizes. And of course, you have the big time progressive jackpot that is waiting in the wings to be won. Step into pre historic times, the day and age of the dinosaur when it comes to Megasaur where the T Rex is running completely wild. Even wilder is the progressive jackpot that can be won after any spin, or should we say chomp.

If you are into wrestling, then experience the awesome power of the luchador when it comes to Lucha Libre parts one and two. If you are not familiar with the Luchador, they are famous and revered masked wrestlers from Mexico. This time you get to step into the virtual square circle with Taco Malo and his arch rival, Guacamolio. Both of these titans are wild symbols in the game, meaning that they will double wins when they land on the reels, but they also act as nudging wilds, meaning that they can make their way onto other reels for bigger and better impact.

All things wrestling will be found in this game, but to cap off the main event, you will get to choose your finishing move. The time to rumble bonus round will present you three sets of finishing moves to choose from. The first set involves the spanko especial. If you are successful with this maneuver, you will then play with 14 free spins with a double winning multiplier. If you don't connect, you will still get 12 free spins with a regular winning multiplier. The second set of finishing moves, involves the supremo foot of fury. If things go your way here, you will play with 10 free spins with a double winning multiplier to go with two masks of doom. If you are not successful, you will play with 9 free spins instead. And the most difficult move, involves the thunder clap bam bam. This high stakes, high rope move, if you are successful, will grant you with 6 free spins, plus two masks of doom. If you are not successful, you will then 6 free spins with only one mask of doom. When it comes to the masks of fiery doom, the masks that you have accumulated, will be added to the reels and held in place, while the other reels are spun. Here you can win up to 81 times your bet placed.

And in the sequel, Taco Malo is back, and this time, he is joined by Nacho Friend. They are the wild symbols in the game, and they are also the nudging wilds too for they will impact the other reels. All of the glamour and grit from the first game, will also carry over to the sequel. You will once again have the time to rumble bonus round, where you are tasked to choose your finishing move. There is a risk reward involved with your choices, so be sure to choose accordingly. There is also once more, the masks of doom round where masks are added to the reels while the other reels are spun.

There are still even more great slot games where you can aim big and win. Jackie Chan, the world famous movie star, has several games in his honor, based on the popular films from the 1980's. One such game is Eagle Shadow Fist, which serves as a non stop action fest across five reels. The punch is the wild symbol and will double your wins. The marital artists are the scatter icons, and they will put you into the free spins where serious awards awaits you. You can even earn more free spins along the way as you get treated to martial arts inserts from the hit film. And to top everything off, you have your chance of winning the progressive jackpot after any spin.

Fantasy Mission Force is another popular slot game in honor of Jackie Chan. This time, you go behind enemy lines during World War 2. Dynamite is the name of this game. The free spins are quite explosive, so explosive that you can continue to earn more with an incremental winning multiplier. Going even further, there is an additional free spins round called the kaboom feature.

It is up to you to put an ending to your own fairy tale when it comes to Hairway To Heaven. This five reel game is based on the childhood fable, Rapunzel, the story of the long haired princess who was trapped in the tower waiting for the prince to come rescue her. This time the princess is the wild symbol in the game. When she lands on the reels, she will double your wins. And in certain instances, she will act as an expanding wild on top of that.

The prince is the scatter symbol in the game. He is the key to putting you into the multi tiered bonus round. The first round is known as the damsel in distress bonus round. Here, you will begin with 8 free spins with the princess landing on the second, third and fourth reels as a special wild. You can earn an additional 8 free spins along the way as well.

The second bonus round is the princess pays bonus round. Here, you will start with 10 free spins where she can triple wins when she falls. You can even earn additional free spins along the way as well. And for the grand finale, you have the Hairway To Heaven bonus round where you can play anywhere from 5 all the way to 20 free spins with the princess serving as an expanded wild. Every time you win, the winning multiplier will grow by a factor of one.

As you can see, Spinfinity Casino puts their money where their mouth is when it comes to an unrivaled allotment of games for you to play and to win for real. All you have to do is put the money up and pick the game of your choice.

There's Nothing Like A New Slot

Now even though Spinfinity Casino is brand spanking new, members here are already making ever lasting memories here, bonding with the tremendous slate of games already available here. But there's nothing like the thrill of a new game to make you fall in love all over again. There is already a strong staple of new games on the gaming roster here at Spinfinity Casino. The latest game involves 5 Wishes. This once more taps into the ancient Arabian tale of Aladdin and princess Jasmine. Only this time, the Genie is the focus of the game. The genie of course is the wild symbol in the game, doubling your wins when he falls on the pay line. The lamp is your ticket to playing in the bonus round, which we will be talking more about shortly.

Aladdin will come through with 2,500 credits for five of him on the pay line. Jasmine is the ticket with 1,250 credits as well. Not only is the Genie wild, but under certain circumstances, he can transform into Aladdin himself, for even larger wins. The more lamps you get to land, the greater the number of free spins you will play with. The free spins range from 10, all the way to 100.

Another new game is Rudolph Awakens. This is the latest in a serious of greatly successful games where Santa and Rudolph are wagering a civil war in the north pole. While the other games are full of tremendous bonus rounds, Rudolph Awakens chooses to simply things on the game front. Rudolph of course is the main wild symbol in the game, and is your ticket to winning the progressive jackpot too. The free spins are incremental and you can amass additional free spins.

Experience a super nova like never before when it comes to Pulsar. This five reel game will take you in to the heart of outer space. A unique aspect to this game, is the honeycomb effect where your wins will come in the form of clusters for bigger and better impact on the pay line.

Bring On The Promotions

And just like Spinfinity Casino will make your head your spin when it comes to the games, the same will happen when it comes to the promotions. Here, there is a little bit of something for everybody here that shows up. The promotions are simple to apply. Keep in mind that many of them comes with terms and conditions that must be met before you are allowed to make a withdrawal from monies won with this promotion.

The Power Of The Coupon

When you normally think about coupons, grocery stores normally comes to mind to give you a discount on the food items. Casino coupons work in a similar fashion as well. There are many third party websites that specialize in casino coupons. You will need to do some research to find the ones that works for you. Once you have found those coupons, all you have to do is login to your account and enter the coupon in the promo section to get them to apply. Most of the third party promo codes will be no deposit codes, which gives you the opportunity to play the games here for free for a certain amount of money and time.

It Pays To Sign Up

If you are brand new here to Spinfinity, you will find that it won't take long to get the good times spinning. Right away, you are brought into the fold thanks to a welcome package that comes with a 300% matching bonus. You can use this on your first three deposits for a grand total of $9,000. Keep in mind that this will only work on slot games. It comes with a 40 times wagering requirement before you can make a withdrawal.

The Way You Deposit Pays Dividends

Depending on the banking method you use, Spinfinity Casino will more than match your efforts. For example, if you've made deposits with Fast Debit Pay, QBDirect, or Instant Funding, you will get an extra 200% matching bonus as a special thank you. This can only be used on slot games, and can only be redeemed once. It does come with a 50 times wagering requirement before you are permitted to make a withdrawal.

Going on everyday, is the 75% matching bonus as an extended thank you. Again, if you've managed to make you deposit with QBDirect, Fast Debit Pay ore Instant Funding, then the 75% matching bonus is coming your way. The good thing about this bonus is, it can redeemed five times a day, and it only works on slot games.

Make Your Deposits Count

Almost everyday, there is a little bit of something to help you get the most out of your deposits here at Spinfinity Casino. Again, based on the method of your deposit, there is either a 200% matching bonus or a 75% matching bonus to be used on the slot game of your choice. And everyday, it pays to try something new here at Spinfinity Casino. If you are feeling bold and adventurous with a new game, then your efforts will be matched with a 100% deposit match, up to $1,000. Also everyday, and twice a day, you have the chance of getting an 80% match on your deposit to use on your favorite slot games.

Bring On The Free Spins

Why spend any money at all on your preferred slot game when you can play them for free. That's where the free spins comes into effect. Everyday, there is the option to use the 65% matching bonus. In addition to this, you will get 50 free spins to be used exclusively for the slot game, Dragon Orb. Another way to find free spins promotions is through third party websites. It won't hurt to do some research in this regard.

No Deposit Bonuses Matter

No deposit bonuses allows you to bridge the gap so to speak. Making a deposit, is actually a form of an investment. When it comes to no deposits, for a certain amount of money and for a certain period of time, you can play the great slate of games here at Spinfinity Casino for free, while standing to gain real money. The key is to find these third party no deposit bonus codes. Keep in the terms and requirements involved with it. Once you have found your code, enter it at the cashier to get the show on the road.

And There Are The Free Chips

Free chips is another way to get in on the gaming action without having to dig into your wallet. For the most part, free chips is good for the table games here at Spinfinity Casino. They come with a certain, fixed financial amount and they also come with an expiration date as well.

The Holidays Have Meaning

Spinfinity Casino is not one to pass up the seasons. Check back frequently in their promotions page to find out any seasonal promotions that you can take advantage of.

It's Always Time To Reload

In life, sometimes you just have to count your losses, but when it comes to Spinfinity Casino, it can pay to lose in certain instances. Depending on the day of the week and your win loss ratio, you might be in store for a reload bonus.

Cash Is Coming Your Way

And by far, cashback promotions are the most abundant. For starters, there is the 75% to 85% cashback bonus to be used on slot games. Everyday, you will get the chance to use this slick promotion, five times a day. Depending on how much you deposit, will determine the cashback in your pocket. You also have the general 40% cashback promotion to be used in an unlimited manner all day everyday. There are other cashback bonuses for weekly slot games and monthly slot games too.

The Tournaments

Sit back and play till you drop, or enroll in a tournament to see how good you are, compared to other players from around the world. Be sure to check the schedule to see what games are up for tournament play.

Getting Paid…

Is easy. When you are ready to get your hands on your well deserved money, you will find that's no problem at all. To begin the process, just head to the cashier. Keep in mind that it may take some business days to begin processing your claims.

What About The Rewards

The more wagers you make, the more comp points you stand to gain. Comp points can used at a later date to be used or redeemed into cash.

Going Mobile

You don't always have to be pinned to your computer to play here at Spinfinity Casino. This state of the art, online casino, comes equipped for you to play on your laptop, or the mobile device of your choice. No need to create a new account, simply login on your mobile device, and pickup right where you left off.

The Power Of The App

And for even faster service, you are more than welcome to download the official app to Spinfinity Casino. Once you have the app installed, all you have to do is press play and go. The app will not only save you time, but it will also save you precious resources too.

Everyone Must Register

There's no way around it. Registration is mandatory for you to play here at Spinfinity Casino. This is important to make sure that all the members are of legal age to gamble here. You need to register to setup an account to receive your well deserved winnings too.

Feel Free To Become An Affiliate

For such a new casino, Spinfinity is off to a great start. There are many members that are looking to take their love and support for this state of the art casino to the next level by becoming an affiliate. There are many perks to become an affiliate. One of those is getting commission for getting new members to sign up here. There is a separate affiliate section should you want to get started. You will need to register as one. You can find many modes of getting help too. There is even the option for getting in touch with the customer support staff here as well. For your first two months, you will get a 50% commission to keep you enthusiastic.

The Bookie

There are many great things to like about Spinfinity Casino, but at this time, there is no bookie. All bets will have to be placed manually by the user.

What About Sports?

There is also no sports book nor a race book section here at this time.

Is There A Blog?

There is no official blog, but there is a powerful frequently asked questions page which is quite extensive and answers a wide range of questions.

In The Forums

There is no standard forum yet for Spinfinity Casino. Again, the frequently asked questions page is quite extensive in so many ways.

Is There A Live Dealer?

While there are many great table games, at this time, there is no live dealer. It is up to you to find your niche with the table games.

Many Ways For You To Make A Deposit

In order for you to become a winner, you first have to make a deposit. Spinfinity Casino has all the angles covered in this regard. You can always use the traditional methods, starting with Visa and MasterCard. Both of these cards will process your deposits instantly. Before you can use them, you will need to fill out a credit card authorization form to be submitted to the cashier for approval. It can take some time to get approval, so you will need to think ahead here. When it comes to authorization, you will need to have proof of identification and residence as well.

There is no fee to process deposits, and the minimum request is $35. You have the popular e wallets, Neteller and Skrill at your disposal as well. They will process your deposits instantly too. You will need an account with these services, which means you will need an email address that is up to date. The minimum deposit with these services includes $35. And of course, you have Bitcoin, which we will talk about shortly.

Feel Free To Cash Out Anytime

After you've laid it all on the line, and you have been gaming long and hard, it is only natural for you to want to get paid. That's no problem at all. Spinfinity has the cashier always open to accommodate your need in this regard. The methods you can choose to receive your cash, involves, Visa. There is no transaction fee to use it. It does require you to make a minimum withdrawal request of $100. The maximum withdrawal with Visa, is $4,000.

You can choose to get a paper check. This will take some time to get to you, for it will need to be mailed out to you. If you wish to go this route, it comes with a $25 fee for the transaction. The minimum to get started, is $200. The maximum you can withdrawal is $3,000. You can opt to even use Bank wire. That's right, you can choose to have your winning wired straight into your bank account. If you choose this method, it can take 3 to 5 business days to get off the ground here. The minimum to get going, is $200 with a maximum of $4,000. Like the check, it requires a $25 transaction fee.

And just like you can use Bitcoin to get into the game, you can all upon it again to receive your money. If you opt for Bitcoin, it can take one to two business days to process. There is no fee to use it. The minimum withdrawal request that will be honored, is $30. You can go all the way up to $4,000 too. Ecopayz, Neteller and Skrill, are other withdrawal options too. They do not come with a transaction fee, but the minimum request to get things shaking, is $35.

Don't Forget About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is more than accepted here at Spinfinity Casino. Bitcoin of course is the world's premiere crypto currency. It is totally digital, so you won't have to worry about going through any banks to use it. Instead, you will need a Bitcoin wallet to handle your transactions. There are many of them out there on the market, so you will need to do some research to find the one that fits your needs. Once you have done that, just convert some funds into Bitcoin and then head to the cashier to get the ball rolling.

Even still, you will get rewarded with additional bonuses for using Bitcoin. For starters, if you are a new member, the minimum deposit to use the matching bonus, is only $10 as opposed to the other deposit methods. There is also the awesome 500% matching bonus for making your deposit with Bitcoin. You can only use this once. It only applies to the slot games, and means that you must make at least a 50 times wager on your bets placed. All you need to get going with this promotion, is ten dollars for a deposit. Generally speaking, all the deposits will give you a 5% boost, for using Bitcoin.

Getting The Help You Deserve

Not everything is fun and games, but that doesn't mean that getting the help you deserve has to be a chore. Far from it, Spinfinity Casino offers many ways for you to get the help you need in an instant. There is a frequently asked question section that breaks down common questions like registration and accounting information. If you are in need of more info when it comes to the bonuses and the promotions, there is a terms and conditions page that outlines all of that as well. When all else fails, you can always get in touch with the customer support staff here as well. You can reach them through email or live chat. The choice is yours.