Liberty Slots Casino Player Strikes Magic with $46,250 Win

Online casino Liberty Slots has been running a magical-themed promotion, and one player managed to magically make more money appear in her account. The player, known only as Carol P, had been having a bit of luck one evening recently and found herself playing on house money, so she upped the ante on her wagering, hit the bonus feature of the game she was playing and it paid off handsomely. After the bonus round finished, Carol found herself $46,250 richer and brought excitement into not only to her own life and the casino, but also to the online gaming community at large.

Not Playing Her Regular Game

The most interesting part of the story is that Carol is not normally a slot player; she spends her evenings at her favorite online casino playing video poker. “I play a lot of video poker in the evening, that's my main game, but sometimes I feel like playing the slots and that night I picked games that had the word ‘magic’ in their title because of the promotion going on at the moment,” said Carol. Liberty Slots is currently running a promotion that gives players double comp points on slot games with the word “magic” in the title.

Playing with the House’s Money

Carol soon found herself with over $20,000 in her account, more than what she began playing with at the beginning of that fateful evening. Realizing that she was having an extra lucky session, Carol decided to increase her wager and go for that big win that every online gambler fantasizes about. “I think I was betting something like $250 a spin. No way would I do that with my own money but when you're hot, you're hot. When the bonus feature came up, I picked the six crystal symbols and the next thing all I could hear was the sound of winning.”

Casino staff excited by Carol’s Big Win

Carol was not the only one excited by the surprisingly large win that evening; the staff at Liberty Slots were happy for Carol as well. “She's been playing here a long time. She deserves this win. We have a great relationship with so many of our players and it's always so much fun to share in the excitement of a big win like this” said Mark Ramirez from Liberty Slots. Ramirez takes great joy in watching players experience that once-in-a-lifetime win and the rest of the staff at the casino tends to join in on the energy.

Liberty Slots has much to Offer

Carol isn’t the first player at Liberty Slots to hit the big win and she will most definitely not be the last. Liberty Slots offers a vast array of not only slot games, but also table games and video poker. The casino has been in operation for quite some time and is considered a great place for players to spend check out their favorite style of casino games. Liberty Slots will continue to give gamblers a great experience, and gamers can play there knowing that the big win really could be just around the corner…or in a game with magic in the title.