Online Wagering is a Gamble

The Push for legalization could provide some safeguards for millions of players who wish to bet, but it is still a long shot.

It might seem strange to say this, placing a bet online should not be a gamble, but, the futile efforts in the USA to prohibit placing wagers on the internet are making it an issue, plus they do little to stem the tide of online betting on many online casinos. Most of the online gambling operations are in fact legitimate, however, because of the limitations in the USA players are forced into betting off shore. The federal government therefore have placed many Americans with very few protections from operators that are unscrupulous. Some of the foreign sites are unwilling to pay when big bets go against them.

There have been cases where players have placed bets and have either received part payment of winnings or no payment at all. Some people argue that this is a case for continuing prohibition, while others argue, that this is just such a situation that needs to be legalized and controlled at state level.

One person has had a rethink is Frank Catania, who is the former director of the Division of Gaming Enforcement in New Jersey in 1994 he thought Internet gambling was not good and agreed it had to be stopped. He had attorneys look into the situation and came to realise that it was not going to be stopped. Mr Catania is now a consultant in the industry, and believes that online sports wagering needs to be legalized and handled at state level.

Some would prefer to see it regulated through Federal Legislation. Another option is to work through the World Trade Organization, who regulates trade between different nations.

The CEO of BetonSports, David Carruthers said that it seems bizarre that the USA is holding back while the United Kingdom gets a competitive advantage. He said that the USA could be home to online gambling worldwide.

Opposition to online gambling is a safe position for many politicians, plus prohibition has a lot of support in Congress.

Professional Sports Leagues and also the NCAA will fight hard to prevent any legalization of sports wagering, some governors worry there will be a drop in casino revenue and lottery sales. It would seem that despite public and business arguments for legalization of online gaming, there is still a long way to go before it happens, and will remain a gamble over time.