Combining Online Play and App Play on Androids

Most people that enjoy casino play online have their favorite casinos and their favorite games. A few people may be very loyal to one casino while others may play at and be a member of a few casinos. Regardless of the casinos you like to play, you may be able to take advantage of a casino-based Android app to extend your play time. This makes it possible to be able to play on the go, on the road, and anywhere you have an internet connection.

Getting the App

In order to play for real money and casino perks, you have to play on an app from the casino website. Google Play Store casino apps are "fun" play only, and you cannot cash in your winnings or combine your online play with your play through the actual casino apps. However, by choosing to download the app directly from the casino, you can use your existing login and password once the app is downloaded. This will link the accounts, so you can play on your computer or any other Android mobile device and it will all be combined through the one casino account. This is an important consideration if the casino has a VIP, loyalty or rewards program that is based on deposits and wagers to move up through the levels or tiers. Combining the accounts gives you full credit through the system for all play, maximizing your potential benefits through the program.

Games on the App

Initially, and with the first apps on the market, the game selection on the apps were limited compared to the range of games available through the casino. This has changed dramatically, with most of the top casinos accepting US-based players offering over a 100 different games on the apps including slot, table games, video poker and even specialty games. It is important to realize that, as with online play, you will need a stable internet connection to play your favorite casino through an app. Just like casino play, all credits to your account for winning occur instantly at the time of the win, so even if you are disconnected before logging off you will have the credits in your account. Playing online and also connecting on a mobile device through the casino app is a great idea through one player account. Download right from your casino home page to enjoy casino action on the go.