Gambling Addicted Casino Manager Steals $28,000

The authorities from Jefferson and St. John the Baptist parishes have arrested a casino manager who has a gambling addiction and who allegedly stole $28,000 from two of the facilities that she supervised. 55-year-old Renee Dibble, of Ponchatoula, now faces charges of felony theft in both of the parishes. Ms. Dibble worked for the Metro Gaming and Amusement Co. She managed the Poker Palace that is inside the LaPlace Travel Center truck stop in LaPlace as well as the Kenner Airport Casino in Kenner. A Kenner Police spokesman, Lt. Brian McGregor, says that Ms. Dibble was responsible for the replenishing of the casinos' ATMs but began pocketing some of the cash instead of putting all of the money into the machines. Ms. Dibble was released on a $15,000 bond in St. John the Baptist parish and held on $30,000 bond in the Jefferson parish, however she was released because the jail was overcrowded.