WinADay Casino Arms Itself with Bitcoin

The members of WinADay Casino are now able to benefit from the countless uses and bonuses of Bitcoin. As the world’s best cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is capable of improving drastically any online gambler’s experience. Their transactions are neatly protected, easy to conduct and are happening at an incredible speed. If you are dealing with online purchases or electronic funds movement, there really isn’t a better option than Bitcoin.

The WinADay – Bitcoin Partnership

One of the many advantages Bitcoin will provide players with is a variety of deposit promotions. In the case of WinADay casino, every Bitcoin deposit that is made will be transformed into United States dollars and then it will immediately join the balance of a player. Every 15 minutes, an update of the average rate of the best 3 Bitcoin exchanges will take place. This way, the accuracy of the exchange rate will remain as accurate as possible. Michael Hilary, who is the WinADay manager, has expressed his admiration for the speed of Bitcoin and more particularly – that of the withdrawals and the deposits. Deposits are indeed immediately put to effect and withdrawals can be successfully completed in just a single business day after the withdrawal itself has been approved.

Uses of Bitcoin

It is widely known that one of the worst experiences in an online gambler’s life is to be unable to spend the money he or she has won long after the funds have been acquired via a game. Bitcoin speeds up exactly this frequently tiresome process. In order for players to make the best out of Bitcoin’s uses, they need to buy Bitcoins at one of the many exchanges. A popular example for such an exchange is Coinbase. Once Bitcoins are purchased, they can be used by gamblers as casino deposits after they are placed in a special electronic wallet. The reverse is also possible – earnings made in a casino can be retrieved in the form of Bitcoins in the special Bitcoin wallet and from there, they can be withdrawn in the form of real cash. This is a perfectly valid option nowadays; Bitcoin is growing in both popularity and value at a tremendous rate. Online traders are benefiting from them more and more and the number of places that count on their services is also increasing. After fully incorporating Bitcoin in its services, WinADay is also planning on granting their members with even more altcoin benefits, affiliated with the depositing and withdrawal processes.

WinADay’s Features

WinADay is a casino that is already 9 years old. It is in possession of 33 unique slot games and the majority of them are affiliated with the exceptional jackpot prize equaling more than 200 000 dollars. Among the games in the casino are roulette, penny slots, video poker and all together – 76 gambling games, which can provide long hours of entertaining thrills. The casino’s promotions include excellent deposit bonuses, bonuses, connected with the most popular games of the site, daily bonuses and many other. WinADay also allows for great level of communication between its countless members and offers an affiliate program, which improves the experience of gamblers as they keep coming back. The addition of Bitcoin to WinADay's long list of comforts will only ensure that the casino’s community drastically grows in size.