Bitcoin's Advantages at

The Slots.LV Online Casino's Welcome Bonus has been attracting plenty of new members and gambling fans to the website and the secret is partly in the relationship between the bonus and Bitcoin. If you replace credit cards with Bitcoin when it comes down to managing your finances in the casino, the welcome bonus will be even bigger. When a newcomer arrives in the usual promotions that will welcome him into the website include 5000 dollars in bonuses. Provided he or she uses Bitcoin, that sum will rise up to 7500 dollars, which amounts to 50 percent more than the usual welcome bonus amount. Basically, the improvement in terms of the member's financial standing is all about changing the payment method and for 2500 dollars, it is definitely a modest price. Additionally, Bitcoin will allow the new member to not simply acquire greater welcome bonus rewards but the player's abilities to deposit or withdraw funds will expand. The deposit limit is a good example for it: the maximum amount that new players can deposit is 1000 dollars but that can be stretched to 5000, if Bitcoin is used.

Details of the Bitcoin Bonus

The welcome package of works in a fairly familiar manner, providing returns on deposits and in the case of this particular welcome bonus it matches the initial nine Bitcoin installments. Naturally, the percentage of the return changes from the first to the ninth deposit and it happens in the following manner. The first deposit represents a 300 percent Match Bonus that can go as high as 1500 dollars. The rest eight deposits are a 150 percent Match Bonus that can be as big as 750 dollars. All in all, that could end up in welcome bonus payments of 7500 dollars. Acquiring this opportunity will require the player to apply the code SLBITCOIN300 for the first deposit and then the code SLBITCOIN150, which can be applied eight times and will be used for the rest of the eight deposits. Bitcoin is very easy to use but exceptionally profitable because it is affiliated with various different advantages and if more players make this easy leap of faith to change the manner in which they are handling their online money, more of them will be experiencing drastic improvements in their financial stability. Whether we are talking about or any other source of entertainment and financial profit, Bitcoin will always make things easier and the sooner you choose to trust it, the better the results of your financial Internet ventures will be.