Birds! Slots

When you hear about Birds, the legendary thriller film, “The Birds,” normally comes to mind. But now there's “Birds,” an innovative slot game, that puts a whole new take spin, pun intended, on birds.

About Birds Slots

Developed by BetSoft, a heavyweight in the online gambling industry, this renown company strikes again with “Birds,” a superb, 3D animated slot, that comes with 5 reels and a brand new approach on pay lines. While traditional 5 reels games come with 20 plus pay lines, “Birds” features a cascading style to the pay reels. It takes the correct three birds of a flock to line up either horizontally or vertically on the telephone line to make winning combinations. Afterwards, a pattern of birds will fly off and new birds will fly in to take their place. Afterwards more birds will fly in to take the place of the other birds that fly off, further increasing winning combinations. There is even a cute animations where a bird will perform a victory dance when a winning combination is struck. The game layout features five columns and three rows. “Birds Slots” also breaks away from traditional slots in the sense that all the game symbols are that of birds. You will not find any traditional card game symbols in this game. All in all, there are 10 different colored birds. The multi-colored bird represents the wild symbol, which will replace all the other birds in the game. This wild symbol can act as four different colored birds and determine winning combinations, thus doubling them. The highest paying bird is represented by the yellow bird that is worth up to 100 times. Red birds sporting the black caps, are worth 25 times. The orange ones are worth 20 times.

The Bonuses

“Birds Slots” features the free flights feature. If you score four cascading wins during one spin, this round will commence. Four successful flight of birds flying off in a group will yield eight free spins, five successful like birds flights nets you 12 free spins, and six like group birds brings home 20 free spins. It only takes 2 pennies to start your flight. The maximum bet per spin is $125. Players can take flight on their own, or set up their bets in a series of auto play, where you can sit back and watch the flight take off. It seems the only thing that “Birds Slots” does not have is a progressive jackpot. It is, however, optimized for mobile users and can be played at several online casinos.